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“America, you lost”

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That's what Zacharias Moussaoui said when he beat the rap today. He likely would have have said the same thing had the jury found for the death penalty, which says a fair amount about his credibility. He's also the guy who said he wanted the death penalty. Given that nothing ZM says can be believed, it really makes no sense to keep him alive, but now that the decision is made, we can only hope it sends a message of compassion. More likely though, in the quarters that are irreversibly hostile to the United States, ZM's comment is likely to be taken as a sign of weakness and a lack of awareness of what combatants such as ZM are out to accomplish. We can only hope that America's loss remains an abstract one, not the kind of split-blood and shattered-bodies culmination that ZM so eagerly hoped to promote, either by telling truths or lies.