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And now for something completely different

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Now if your name was Lotta Silt, you might want a name change. On the other hand if the town you live in has been named Silt for decades, ought you change it? Changing the name of a town is sort of like deciding to boot a politician at election time. First you have to decide it's worth the effort to get rid of the incumbent. Then you have to decide whether you want the new guy. So, to Silt. Well, we know it happens. But if it doesn't, what else to call it? Wilt? Chamberlain might like it but, well, no. How 'bout Razorback? As in the endangered fish. We presume squawfish is out for the usual suspects of political correctness. It's east of Rifle. Shotgun? Holster? Cartridge? Double-Aught-Six? Too violent, probably, but it has ring to it. Thirty-thirty would be kind of good, too, but should a town admit to being a carbine? They could go geographic and call it Canyon View. Colorado City is open, at least in Colorado. Might get some fundamentalist LDS types, though. How' bout Flat Top? There's Hospitality, which fits because so many residents work in the hospitality industry up the Roaring Fork Valley. Or Little Aspen. Hey, Silt sounds better all the time. Unless they go with New Castle West.