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Banks, 3 - Coffeshops, 1

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Starbucks is coming to town. Does that mean that 24 Road finally is on the way to becoming the gateway into Grand Junction? Well, if caffeine comes, can progress be far behind? Actually, in many respects, Starbucks is fashionably late to the party on 24 Road. Three banks, American National, Bank of the Rockies and Vectra, were under construction before with what appear to be solid-looking buildings, the kinds of places bankers, and bank customers, like. Bankers are the ones who know first how to follow the money. Starbucks just follows the banks. And the stadium-seat theaters and department stores, all already under construction. Still, if GJ is finally getting a free-standing Starbucks, what will be next in the dizzying pace of development? Smart money says "Not much. And not for a long while." It's not as though the city is done trying to "save" 24 Road from the things people want, or at least delay them to the maximum extent possible. Just ask people who tried to bring in stadium seating for the last decade. It wasn't just a job, it was a Mission: Impossible. With tougher odds that haven't changed yet. Yes, really.