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Behind the curve, still

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The Grand Junction City Council and Mesa County Commission like to say they're looking ahead and in certain respects, dealing with methamphetamine for example, they might be doing just that. Meth, though, is one thing. Simple necessities are another. In this regard, local government isn't behind the curve. It's being lapped by by it. Rents in the Grand Valley are shooting upwards, not exactly a shocking trend. It's hardly news that drilling for natural gas is a growth industry that has filled hotel rooms, campgrounds, apartment complexes, rental houses and the real estate market for a couple years now from Glenwood Springs down along the Grand Valley. The response from local government has not been to kick into gear any efforts to speed construction of dwellings - far from it. In fact no one talks about the need for more housing, yet it is one thing subject that surely is in order, if only to hold down housing costs for the most vulnerable of Grand Valley residents. No, the answer is not more subsidized housing, it's more housing, period. Oh really, it is.