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Dick Cheney, unloaded

By {screen_name}
Funny how it is that vice presidents have to do so much to get some notice. Some prefer it that way. Dick Cheney certainly would have have preferred to glide through the history-making of the moment, but it was not to be. Still, we can expect that Cheney will, with consummate mastery, disappear until the time is right, then suddenly reappear, likely in hunter orange, with a self-deprecating joke or two, then let himself quietly out, stage right. We can not say so much for his predecessor, who won't slink away from his embarrassment after his humiliating comments in Saudi Arabia, but will soon underscore his detachment from reality with another unreadable tome on a subject of which he has little understanding. If any character on the modern stage needs rehabilitation, it's Al Gore, who might be able to reacquaint himself with his old constituency, if he only were to do a little bird hunting, perhaps with a trusted old friend or two. Really.