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Had enough of Zacharias Moussaoui?

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Really, ZM ought not be long for this earth. It's his devout wish, he says, to be martyred and there are voices that say, less than persuasively, that he should be denied his wish. It's really not as complicated as many would have it. ZM is an announced combatant on the other side. Generally speaking, there's one good way to treat combatants, especially foot soldiers of ZM's particular unimportance and incompetence. One simply dispatches them. It isn't an emotional thing, it's nothing laden with existential importance, it's just the business of war. If you don't kill them, they kill you. ZM has made no secret of his wish to do exactly that. This isn't a martyrdom, it's just something that has to be done because the consequences of leaving it undone are overwhelming. Were there something to gain by leaving ZM alive, say gaining some influence over his comrades, or the possibility of reforming him, keeping him alive might have some merit. Simply doing it to assuage overburdened consciences in the United States makes no sense. We wasted much intellectual and emotional capital, too much, on him already and it only weakens us. Really, we've allowed him to waste too much precious air for too long. Time to give ZM his due, a little sendoff in the deserved oblivion of war, just another enemy body, not a martyr, but a waste. Yes, really .