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It’s good to be dictator

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Fidel Castro is angry, really really angry, that Forbes magazine lists him among the world's richest people, although he doesn't quite make the $1 billion cut. Forbes is far too conservative, tracking Castro's wealth only to the shell companies owned by the dictatorship he heads. Really, let's be honest, the guy owns an island and a criminal enterprise with worldwide tentacles. He has close ties to an oil giant in dictator buddy Hugo Chavez - you think he has trouble gassing up the limos? Best of all, from Castro's perpspectiive (No, it's not a misspelling) you can't get voted off the island. Even if you want to be. Forbes might wish to think twice about estimating Castro's wealth next year. As Marc Masferrer notes, scribes have to toe the line on his little island. Yup. Really.