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It’s our tax and we’ll spend how we want to

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Now the leadership in the Legislature has come up with a novel approach to bipartisan dealings. Republicans who opposed Referendum C, which lifted revenue limits on the state for five years, should sit down and shut up while their more enlightened betters squabble over the quietly and say nothing when it comes to pulling new fries out of the supersize box the Legislature demanded and got. You'd think the Ref. C types were proposing spending the money on things like rain-day funds or better schools. Er, oops, they were. So if the new money doesn't go to rainy-day funds and improving education, what exactly does the leadership have in mind? Isn't it just possible that the majority Dems might not agree on how to spend the money, so they might need support from C-bashing to win those 11th-hour battles for which the Colorado Legislature is justly renowned, or notorious, take your pick. Anyway, it's looking like the bipartisan facade will crack early. If it hasn't already. Really.