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Kathy Lee Bates, where are you when we need you?

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The backers of Denver Mayor John Hickenlooper have released this bit of doggerel, encouraging him to run for governor. Gee, if this won't drive him out of Denver, what will? The Hick's a surefire contender, Now making our good City proud! Girls and Boys, Gents and Gals, The State now proclaims it loud: "Enter the Realm, Oh Man at the Helm And give us the choice to Vote! And given the road Of Republican toads, We all want to be on your Boat!" As Simon says on American Idol "Goodbye" to all those who rival To them it's just pomp and Glamour Shots∑ Silly on-air plugs, and daft catwalk trots. But with Hick we are at a Revival! To Hick we turn to ensure our survival! It's Victory for this great Restaurateur! It's Hick as our State's Governor! Uh, if we make him governor will he put a stop to this kind of thing? Really?