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Mayor to go Guv?

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Denver Mayor John Hickenlooper has made it all but official - he's running for governor. This isn't good news for Bill Ritter, the former Denver DA who also wants to succeed Bill Owens, because it sets up the primary Ritter would just as soon avoid. By the sound of most of the coverage, in fact, we ought not bother with the election at all - just give Hickenlooper the mansion and be done with it. Well, not so fast. It's one thing to be be mayor of Denver. It's quite another to be the Mayor Who Would Be Guv. Suddenly people in the suburbs start checking to see the last time that Denver did something for them. Likewise, people in rural Colorado will inquire just what the mayor of Denver has done for them lately and what he might do TO them come January. Hickenlooper in a walk for governor? Not really.