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Nothing new under the sun

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To be sure, your right to monitor what the judges you pay are doing, how law enforcement is conducting its business is under siege. For only the best of reasons, of course. This time, it's the courts that are slamming shut windows into the system that should be open. But it hasn't always been that way. Some 15 years ago, the Colorado General Assembly deemed it to be n your best interests that people not be allowed to simply view at their leisure and according to their wont cases filed in the workers' compensation system. Granted, few actually did that. But when a newspaper, specifically The Daily Sentinel, did exactly that, the Legislature took a series of actions, some of which are now being undone. What will remain, however, is the Legislature's closing of work-comp files to the general public. There's a lesson here. However the authorities polish the veneer of concern for identities, for the process, for this reason or for that,, the truth is simple: Government dislikes scrutiny and will do all it can to avoid it. For the best of reasons. Really