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Plotting and scheming

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Time was when we reportorial types would joke about the Plotting and Scheming Commission. I'm glad to say that some things never change, but that my perspective has. Better to call it the Centralized Planning Commission, as the Grand Junction iteration is demonstrating at this very moment. It's considering the fate of 24 Road, which remains a wasteland today, some half a decade after it was declared a gateway to Grand Junction and all the wiles of Community Development put to building a monument to the city. It remains a wasteland. Centralized Planning has just invented transferable development rights, not exactly a device recognized by the city so far, although Fruita does have such a program. The commission also is bewailing the limit on its power to simply scatter development about the city so as to avoid traffic issues, never mind the wishes of landowners or (egad) consumers, who rightfully resent the artificial constraints on choice imposed on them by Centralized Planning. Without the pressure of demographic findings, one can only imagine how high the barriers to development would be. Really, really high.