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Plummer’s fault? Oh really?

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There are a million things out that are more important, but was it too much to expect that Denver's offensive line would show up for the two most important games of their recent careers? Why is it Jake Plummer's fault that the offensive line showed up for wine and cheese when the other guys wanted blood and guts? Plummer's blood, in particular. Wasn't somebody supposed to get between Plummer and those large, beefy fellows in black and gold? Maybe those whose job it was to stop the Steelers could get their next jobs as parking-lot speed bumps. OK, sports rant done. Now we find that the Colorado Legislature is earnestly debating one of the momentous issues of our time, to wit, whether vending machines at schools ought to contain, by law, at least half "nutritious" items. Oh really? Well, that ought to lighten to load of the guys whose job it is to refill vending machines. No need to refill the granola, except for once a year when they shake out the weevils and hope none develop a taste for Three Musketeers bars. Here's an epiphany. Tofu would be in the vending machines already if people actually liked bean curds. People don't. That's why Japan imports Colorado beef. Even the Japanese prefer steak to curds. Maybe the Lege would do better working on ways to keep that industry thriving rather than trying to shove bean curds on cardboard salvers into vending machines for children to studiously ignore. Otherwise the Lege looks sort of like, well, a certain offensive line that is staying home these days and, presumably, noshing on something other than granola and bean curds.