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Say, aren’t these the people who insist on choice?

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Two Colorado legislators, Fran Coleman and Peter Groff, will lead the charge to keep the state out of the womb. But they want to plop a cop into the passenger seat next time you hop into the family SUV for a run to the grocery. Coleman and Groff sponsored HB 1125, which would make a driver's failure to engage his seat belt a primary offense, meaning the local constabulary can pull you over on that basis alone, no matter that you're driving below the speed limit and even on your own side of the street. Sure, there are lots of emotional reasons to make lack of seat-belt use a primary offense. The Colorado State Patrol's argument makes the most sense – troopers really don't like scraping bits of unbelted drivers off the roads — but you go into that business knowing that driving is inherently risky. In any case, the issue here is just how entangled we want the government in our daily lives. Coleman and Groff are leading members of the crowd that says it wants freedom from government. On the basis of HB 1125, we can ask, Oh really?