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SF = GJ?

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Taking into account the poseur quotient that goes with the territory, the Grand Valley restaurateur who hosted the lunch leg of this epicurean epic has to be considered lucky to have competed evenly with the City by the Bay. Still, a lousy chimichanga is a lousy chimichanga and haven't we all been there? Given that Christine Muhlke is no slave to haught cuisine — C'mon, she likes Sonic — perhaps she could be tempted to return to sample a bit of local chow. If she liked the crisply local trout in Salt lake City (hatchery fresh, no doubt) maybe she'd go for a fresh-broiled plank of local squawfish embellished with peach salsa, served by a snooty waiter behaving like an enraged U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service officer. And for dessert, M&M-encrusted Grand Valley prairie dog served aflame in a cordon rouge Grand Marnier sauce . Really, that's got to be better than a lousy chimi. Take that, San Francisco.