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The Legislature is gamely driving forward with its plans to eliminate smoking (of cigarettes) in Colorado. No lightin' up in lounges, no drags in greasy-spoon cafes, no butts in bars. This is all fine. We seem to like our social engineering done at the point of the gun and this is no different. But isn't this the same Legislature that wants to drag out every penny it can from the master agreement with the tobacco companies? And is this not the same Legislature that sniffed at a proposal for the state to ditch paying health-care costs for smokers? So what is going on here? If the Lege is anti-smoking, why not ban cigarettes? Why not prohibit all forms of tobacco - or any other substance rolled into a leafy or paperlike material and smoked until there's an ash on one end and a butt on the other? Isn't this all about the trend of the moment,the Colorado Lege trying to catch up with the California one, which wants to ban smoking in cars? Or Utah? Is Colorado just as overreaching as Utah, without the religion, but all the fervor and twice the greed? Really?