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Some progress (just not enough)

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The Mountain Valley Oxymorons never will take the field. That's because the School District 51 board has seen the error of its nomenclatural ways and decided to name the elementary school under construction in Pear Park for, well, Pear Park. So, Mountain Valley Elementary is not to be; Pear Park Elementary it is. This is one small step for the board, but a giant leap remains to be taken for the cause of education in the Grand Valley. It's one thing, and not necessarily a bad one, that the board figured out that school names ought to reflect some geographical relationship to the surrounding community. Now if we can only get the board to figure out that school names can be more than that — they can reflect accomplishment and sacrifice by individuals, quite possibly individuals just like the children who attend those schools. There would have been no shame for the board to have considered naming Pear Park for a Grand Valley native who died in Iraq. Fortunately, the board is looking to build more schools to meet the demands of growth. It ought to look at naming them with a view to encouraging the virtues of sacrifice, determination and achievement that we expect from the schools.