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Suddenly, abstinence is in vogue

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Don't they understand, kids are just going to do it anyway? I mean they're kids. they'll experiment, they egg each other on and it's not like there is anything unnatural about it. Face it, the temptations are everywhere. I mean, people have been doing it for eons. It's the reason we're all here now. It's not like you can stop it. No, we're not talking sex here. We're talking eating, even obesity. Now the Colorado Legislature is all for abstinence. Suddenly, permissiveness is out, rigid Calvinism is in. Promiscuity is OK, potbbellies are bad. The Legislature passed, and Gov. Bill Owens vetoed, thankfully, a bill that would require healthy offerings in school vending machines. It goes without saying that the faction wanting to force-feed kids broccoli is the same one that ridicules abstinence programs for the same youngsters. Owens' veto notwithstanding, the battle for government control of the gut has just begun, by the same people who want no interference in reproductive rights. Oh really.