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This is what happens in geography class?

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When most people thing about geography, they think about things like national capitals, principal exports, languages, landforms and the like. Jay Bennish, who is paid to teach geography in Aurora, doesn't think about those things, much less teach about them. He'd rather liken George W. Bush to Adolf Hitler. Now this all is fine, when Bennish is on his own time, but in this case, he's not. We know this because a student at a public school taped the comments of a teacher putting in his contractual hours on the public payroll then made those comments public. Oh the horrors! We know of Bennish's discomfort because Bennish hired a lawyer who let it be known that Bennish was unhappy that his comments had escaped the confines of the classroom. Those comments have been transcribed by Michelle Malkin here for the public to see. Suddenly caught in the light, Bennish did what people in similar positions have done for centuries — wrapped himself in the flag and proclaimed that he was just exercising his First Amendment rights. Well, maybe, Had he been teaching geography. Unless his contract called for him to indulge in political screeds, and I'd like to see that contract, he wasn't exercising free speech. He was, in fact, an adult in a position of trust abusing that position for this own gratification. Put in that light, there are some elements of something more nefarious than the exercise of free speech. Which isn't to accuse Bennish of any crimes - merely to point out his narcissistic behavior and to suggest, as gently as possible, that whenever and wherever he goes back to work, he be subject to certain truth-in-packaging requirements.