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5 Weekend Bargains/Savings

By Julie Norman
Monday, November 17, 2014

This was a weekend of savings! I think every week or at least once a month I'm going to try to post a wrap up of a weekend of savings...we'll see if I stick to that! For now, let's get to the bargains:

1. My turkey keeps getting cheaper.  On Saturday I had "get Thanksgiving turkey" on the grocery list.  There are only 2 of us, but we like leftovers, have a large freezer, and aren't willing to pay exorbitant prices for a turkey breast when we can get allllllll the good stuff with a whole turkey.  Still, we don't need a 15lb one.  It's so difficult to find 10lb or smaller turkeys, even though they SAY they exist right there in the bin with the 15lb ones. So in the .69/lb turkey bin I couldn't find anything smaller than like 14 or 15 lbs.  Really that's just a ridiculous amount of turkey for 2 people. So I thought I'd splurge on a Butterball. I found a nice 9.8 lb Butterball for what appeared to be $24.  Justifying it with the, "It's once a year and this one will be better..." statement to myself, I loaded it up and headed for the checkout.  When I got home I looked at the receipt and realized the turkey had only been $19.50! It was on super sale! THEN on Sunday I found this coupon/rebate in the coupon insert:

And yes, I'm absolutely using it. I already sent off my UPC label and the receipt (minus any personal info) and will await my coupons.  Then, just after Christmas when the turkeys go on sale, I can go get another one! Bargain #1.

2. Never be afraid to call and ask. Because people I'm giving gifts to might read this, I have to be a little cryptic.  I bought a kit at Michael's that included some scents.  I had no intention of using those scents, but realized after I used other stuff from the kit that the scents had spilled all over everything. (Yes, you'd think I would have realized this sooner but I didn't ok? I just didn't.  Maybe it's because I was using the kit while drinking wine?)  Anyway, I called Michael's to explain that even though I'd already used some of the stuff from this kit, making it completely unsellable, I wanted to return it because the stuff I was making wasn't supposed to reek of lavender.  The manager was very nice and told me to bring it in and return it! I did and ended up saving money because after using it one time I knew that I didn't need all that was in the kit and that buying a few things a la carte would be cheaper. Bargain #2!

3. Really need to start paying attention to sale pricing...My wonderful mom told me that if I found a new pair of brown boots that I wanted (I've been on the hunt ever since I accidentally donated a favorite pair to least, I think that's what happened), she could reimburse me and they could be my Christmas present.  I'd already looked at Old Navy, Ross, TJ Maxx (Excuse me TJ Maxx...$60 for boots? At TJ MAXX???) and JCPenny.  Nothing. Nothing that I wanted that was in a price range I was willing to pay.  Finally on Sunday after my awesome Michael's trip, I headed for Herberger's where I found these:

The "clearance" tag said $55.99.  I thought that was the final price.  At the checkout the cashier said, "That'll be $27.99" or whatever and I said, "WHAT???? WOW!"  I had NO IDEA they were 50% off! I may have to go back and get another pair of shoes.  I mean...that's still a bargain right?  Bargain #3.

4. Gourmet chocolates from Ross Dress for Less That's right. Yes. You read that correctly.  Have you ever wandered to the back of Ross to that weird food section they have? There are all kinds of things back there! I can't spill the beans on everything I got yet, but I can tell you that I got a bag of Ghiradelli Double Fudge chocolate squares for less than half of what they cost in another store in the same complex.  If you're looking for neat little gourmet spices, salts, drink mixers, popcorn, etc check it out! You can make a really fun "Movie Night snack bag" or "Chocoholic Basket" for pretty cheap. Bargain #4

5. Those grocery store register coupons! I've been playing a game with Safeway lately.  Last week, for example, I bought Tazo Chai concentrate mix because I'd gotten a "Just for U" savings coupon for it.  At the register that week I got a $1 off Oregon Chai concentrate.  So this week I bought Oregon chai for like $2.99.  What do you want to bet that I'll get a Tazo Just for U coupon now? Ha! I feel so devious. Heh heh. Bargain #5!

It was a great weekend for bargains for me.  If you're looking for more ways to save, don't forget to check out that coupon book you got in the mail from us, or browse coupons online:


Budget Simple

By Julie Norman
Friday, November 14, 2014

Recently my question at the end of each month has been, "Where the heck is my money going?" Yes, there have been a few medical bills, and September/October is always a crappy time because of birthdays, car registration renewal and quarterly taxes for the freelance work I do...OH and car insurance...So maybe I just answered the question! But in any case, I decided to do a better job of seeing, visually, where my money is going.

I looked around online for some free budgeting sites. is very highly reviewed, but I didn't like the thought of sharing my bank username and password, so I kept looking.  Eventually I found Budget Simple.

Budget Simple has a free version and of course a "premium" version, but the free one does exactly what I wanted.  It allows me to put in what I spend money on each month.  I start by putting in the budgeted amount (for example, $415 for groceries).  Then, as I spend money from each category, I can go in and update the "actual" column.  This shows what I've spent of my budgeted amount.  Finally, there's a "what's left" column that shows the remaining amount for each of my budget categories.

Budget Simple also tells me if I have extra money around that I might want to put in savings. I can track my credit card balance and see how long it will take to pay off certain amounts and even set savings goals.  My favorite part, though is this:

I LOVE graphs and I love seeing exactly where my money is going.  Most of it clearly is for groceries and the mortgage/utilities  (that gets split with my better half), but it's also good to see a big chunk going into my savings account. If you've been looking for a free tool to help you track your money, I really recommend checking this one out.  It truly is simple!

*Budget Simple did not me to review their products or site. 


Thred UP! Review

By Julie Norman
Monday, November 10, 2014

A few weeks ago I blogged about ordering some clothes from Thred Up!, an online consignment shop.  Well, now that the clothes have arrived I thought I'd give a final review:

The clothes were shipped in a heavy-duty polka-dot shipping bag and were neatly wrapped with tissue paper.  The signature "Thread Up" clothing tags were attached with string, not those ridiculous plastic things! I was happy to see that.  The clothes were in great shape.  I found one teeny tiny hole on the underside of the sleeve of the Gap Body wrap sweater that I bought, but other than that everything was perfect!

I'd definitely use Thred UP again, though I'll still try to stick to the local consignment shops the most. There's no shipping fee with them ;)

Here's a selfie of me in my new J Crew sweater from Thred Up:


Yes! The holiday savings continue!

By Julie Norman
Monday, November 3, 2014

Last night, while the BF was at a work meeting, I had 2 hours to work on some Christmas presents.  The first was a calendar that I make every year using either Shutterfly or iPhoto.  This year I decided to stick with Shutterfly because it's much faster than my current iPhoto program.  I got SO lucky.  There was a Halloween sale going on: 30% off EVERYTHING until EOD on November 2.  So I got my act together and got that calendar finished within an hour.  I used the 30% off sale code and then remembered that there was also free shipping on orders of $39 or more.  Since I like to have one of these calendars for myself every year, I ordered 2 and used THAT special code too! Check out my savings:

Money spent so far towards the BF's Christmas? $24.


Homemade Christmas

By Julie Norman
Thursday, October 23, 2014

Don't even start with me about it being "too early" to post Christmas-related posts! I have to ship presents to Georgia before my mother's birthday on Dec. 20th, so planning starts early, especially when homemade gifts are involved! This year we all agreed that expensive gifts were ridiculous and that we should all cut back.  To me that meant, "get busy making something!" The problem is that I"m not super crafty.  Someone else can pour layers of lentils and dried beans in a glass vase and it'll look gorgeous.  If I do it it looks like I poured beans in a vase.

SO I turned to anyone's source of thrifty craft ideas for the holidays: Pinterest!  Below is a screenshot of part of my Homemade Christmas board.

My mom's favorite drink is a cosmopolitan (too much Sex in the City watching!).  So I thought a cool gift "box" for her could include a few different cosmo mixes, some recipes on pretty cards, and that watercolor print in a frame (probably from Goodwill).  I might even throw in some chocolates to eat while she's sipping a drink - or a cool martini glass if I can find one!

My sister loves Citrus, so Citrus soaps, salt scrubs, etc are on her list.  I found some awesome tins on the Container Store website for a cheap price that I can order to store the scrub in.  She also has a dog whom she loves very much and little miss Luci the dog will get homemade dog treats for Christmas.

Anyway, my point is that there are lots of crafts and ideas on here that anyone can do.  Spice mixes might be a little more costly, but I think the key is to just be careful what types of rubs you're making.  Garlic and onion powders are very inexpensive, so you could put together several homemade ranch dressing mixes for people.  Or do a fancy sugar or fancy salt, like one I found for chili pepper salt. Those aren't quite as pricey and people will still love them!

Follow my pinterest board if you want for more ideas!

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