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Get your (control) freak on

By Melinda Mawdsley

Know any uber-clean, control freaks who like to be on time, make lists and schedule or organize everything in their lives?

I do. Me. Then, I got pregnant.

And my baby girl was breech at 35 weeks.

Want to take control away from a woman? Have her hope and mentally prepare for a natural birth only to have that shift dramatically with talk of a scheduled C-section because a breech baby — butt or feet down instead of head — is most likely not coming out the old-fashioned way, at least not safely.

Loss. Of. Control.

After some tears and fears, I talked to friends, did some research and got on board with the C-section.

Then, she flipped at 36 weeks.

In my life B.P. (before pregnancy), I was sort of a control freak. I would wash the dishes I dirtied making dinner before I sat down to eat dinner. I hated when things collected on the counter. I rarely let clutter sit around.


These supplies have been sitting in a random corner of the house for a month. The vacuum sat at the top of the steps for two weeks before my husband took it downstairs. If something isn't in the way, I haven't been preoccupied about cleaning it up.

I've learned, A.P. (after pregnancy) I don't always have to be in control because sometimes I won't be.

Tuesday, Nov. 25, is my final day at work before I go on a mini-vacation — preparing my house, going to routine appointments and sleeping — then my husband and I will have a baby.

Even though I won't be working for a while, I'll update the blog. Like I'm not posting a photo of my baby in this outfit knitted by a friend at church.

(My sister-in-law has a friend who has a breech baby at 36 weeks, so she wanted to know what I did to help the baby flip. First, I'm not sure I “did” anything, but I passed along some measures I took to encourage baby to move head down in the final weeks.

- Chiropractic care. My husband's best friend, Greg Haitz, owns Rimrock Chiropractic, so he sees me twice a week loosening up my round ligament and keeping me aligned. I included a photo of the pillow I relax in during adjustments.

- Acupuncture. My doctor told me to try it. I went to Healing Horizons for a moxibustion treatment. It was calming and baby was extremely active during the treatment.

- Cat cow exercise. I've been doing these back exercises at home. They are popular in yoga and Pilates, as well.

- Prayer. Never underestimate the power of prayer.)