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My spring salad is growing

By Penny Stine

I planted salad fixings like lettuce, radishes and carrots in pots on my patio back in February when the weather was beautiful. Of course, I forgot where I planted things, so I was pleasantly surprised when I saw carrots sprouting in this pot. I planted these little round ones that are supposed to be ready earlier than others.




This radish sprouted a week or so ago. I think I have more radishes in other pots.



I’m pretty sure there’s lettuce somewhere in this pot, with perhaps more radishes.








I left a long planter empty; my plan was to plant peas and let them dangle over the side of the deck. It’s about a five foot drop to the ground, so I figured they could grow down instead of up. Then I remembered that we always clear the deck and refinish it in May, right when the peas would be draped all over the back of the deck.
As you can see, I still scattered pea seeds in the planter. I figure I’ll harvest them as pea shoots, rather than letting them drape over the side of the deck. They're much closer together than they would be if I was going to let them get big, but since start cutting shoots as soon as they're a couple inches tall, I can cram them all together. Rather than poking them in the ground, I simply covered the entire planter with seedling starter mix soil and gave it a good water.

I also planted a row of peas along the fence out in the garden, so I should have plenty of peas this spring.
I should also have plenty of lettuce, radishes and carrots for salad, too. I just hope they’re all ready to harvest at the same time.