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Shower Time!

By Melinda Mawdsley

This pregnancy is flying by! It seems like just yesterday when I could sleep on my back and button my jeans.


I get regular heartburn. More importantly, however, it's time for baby showers. Because we are spoiled and beyond blessed, my husband and I get multiple baby showers. Family and friends threw me one on Oct. 18. My husband's co-workers and our church are throwing us showers next month.

Anyway, the first baby shower was at co-worker Richie Ashcraft's house. She is one of the Haute Mamas bloggers and was insistent upon hosting. I offered to help, and she kind of got upset about it. Head over to her blog to read about the crazy planning she put into this event.

The weather was beautiful. I was even able to Skype in my mother and Grandma Mawdsley from Iowa. As is the case with most Iowans who grew up farming, Grandma was immediately fascinated by how nice the weather was and wanted the name of some plant in Richie's backyard that had really pretty fall colors.

I ate a ridiculous amount of sugar, sat in a lawn chair adorned with pink tulle and received truly spectacular gifts.

Thanks to Richie for throwing me a shower and for everyone who helped out. Furthermore, thanks to everyone who came! It was an emotional day. All good, though.