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These mushrooms are safe

By Penny Stine

I blogged about the mushroom box I bought from Park Seed back when I received it in the mail and got it started at the end of October. It took a couple of weeks, but once they got serious, they got serious about growing. This is what the mushrooms in the box looked like on Tuesday.


This is what I saw on Wednesday. I picked the one in the corner that was starting to look like an upside down umbrella.




The pic below is what was in the box on Thursday.

Holy cow, that’s a lot of mushrooms! We had a stir-fry with three portabellas, a couple of leeks and some broccoli, all of which came from my garden.

After I picked some of the mushrooms, I could see more little ones forming. I’m keeping track of how many I get from the box, so I’ll be able to tell whether it’s cheaper to just go buy mushrooms at the store or grow them in a spare room. I do know, however, that buying mushrooms isn’t this much fun.