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Carrots and raspberries make a good combination

By Penny Stine

Sorry for all the carrot posts, but I try to eat what I grow, so I was looking around for something interesting to do with all the carrots (other than simply eating raw carrots) I’ve been picking. I wanted to make some sort of carrot salad, but had interest in making the carrot and raisin salad I grew up eating. I also had some papaya and some raspberries.
Sadly, they are not raspberries from my raspberry bushes. My raspberry bushes bloomed like crazy, but the flowers withered and dried up, just like they always do. I’m about ready to try Roundup on my raspberries and start over with a different variety.
But first, back to my carrot salad. I googled carrot and papaya, and got an interesting dish with green papaya, which I didn’t have. It sounded good, if I ever can get green papaya. Then I googled carrot and raspberry salad and got this: http://www.dailyherald.com/article/20120710/entlife/707109860/. It sounded tasty, and even better, it called for mint, and mint is the one thing in my garden that grows better than a weed.
I didn’t have any Valencia oranges, so I decided to substitute some chopped papaya. I also didn’t have any raspberry vinaigrette, so I substituted coconut-flavored balsamic vinegar. While I was on my tropical kick, I threw in some shredded coconut, too. I had some tiny red onions, so I sliced those and added that, too.
The result was delicious. The balsamic vinegar is almost too sweet, but the onions provided a nice counter-balance. It was definitely out of the ordinary, and I like food that is out-of the-ordinary.