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West Elks Wine Trail kicks off busy late-summer season for wine events

By Dave Buchanan
Thursday, August 2, 2012

This weekend (Friday through Sunday) is the West Elks Wine Trail but it really should be called the Wine Trail Plus. So much is going on in Delta County you’ll need the entire weekend just to get through the festivities. The West Elks Wine Trail, featuring the winemakers and wineries of the West Elks AVA, includes winery visits and vineyard and orchard tours along with special wine tastings, gallery tours and several dinners with winemakers. Most of the dinners are sold out but ...

Concert helps fund research for fruit growers statewide

By Dave Buchanan
Thursday, July 26, 2012

Another lesson in be careful what you ask for came Saturday. An innocuous phone call to fruit grower Neil Guard on East Orchard Mesa turned into a wide-ranging and thoughtful lesson in peach and grape management, politics, research funding and several other topics, including using a safety pin as a low-tech but effective cleaning tool for drip-irrigation nozzles. “Hey, Neil, whatcha doin’?” “Fixing sprinkler heads in the vineyards, come on out and enjoy the ...

Memories persist of 30th Food & Wine Classic in Aspen

By Dave Buchanan
Monday, June 18, 2012

ASPEN – The 30th annual Food & Wine Classic in Aspen is history, although perhaps not without a hangover or two to prolong the sweet memory until next year. I’m not sure how many people have been at all 30 of the Classics but perennial favorite Jacques Pepin said he’s been to 27 or 28 which surely puts him among the leaders. Pepin, who said he teamed with the unforgettable Julia Child 10 or 12 times until Julia found Aspen’s 7,800-foot elevation a bit much, ...

Wines from Spain among the big draws at Food & Wine Classic

By Dave Buchanan
Sunday, June 17, 2012

ASPEN – Cruising the Grand Tasting tents at the Food & Wine Classic can be an elbow-squeezer for room but among the most-popular areas this week is the Wines From Spain tent. But it’s not just at Aspen where Spanish wines are finding a growing audience, said Helen Gregory, representing the Wines from Spain trade association. She noted that last year Spanish wine exports increased by more than 21 percent. One reason is “People recognize the artisanal nature of ...

Hands-on seminars popular at Food & Wine Classic

By Dave Buchanan
Sunday, June 17, 2012

ASPEN – Midway in his seminar on “Butchery for Beginners” at the Food & Wine Classic in Aspen, Chef John Besh looked up from his carving up of a Colorado lamb at the Food & Wine Classic cooking tent and peered into the audience. “Are there any vegetarians in here?” to a round of laughter. Surprisingly, there was one, and Besh (pictured at right) knew her. “Well, in case you decide to eat meat, here’s how to get it,” said the New ...

‘Summer camp for foodies’ opens at 30th annual Food & Wine Classic

By Dave Buchanan
Friday, June 15, 2012

ASPEN – The 30th annual Food and Wine Classic in Aspen opened this morning and like all notable anniversaries this one has been long in the planning. A special concert by Elvis Costello, a 5k charity run with super-chef Bobby Flay and changes in the lineup of chefs has breathed new life into this long-time high-gloss favorite, the one Dana Cowin, editor-in-chief of Food and Wine magazine, calls “summer camp for foodies.” It’s also notable that this is the ...

Taking the high road to Aspen for the Food & Wine Classic

By Dave Buchanan
Friday, June 8, 2012

Next week the Food & Wine Classic in Aspen celebrates its 30th year in Glitter Gulch and I’ll be there, trying to blend in. Thanks to the generosity of the folks at Food & Wine magazine and its advertising agencies, I’m attending again this year as a working guest of the Food & Wine Classic. Well, me and scads of reporters, journalists and photographers, many of whom actually will be working and others, well, enjoying the Food & Wine Classic. Everyone ...

Grilling season a good match with wine

By Dave Buchanan
Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Every neighborhood has a diehard who grills year-round, but for most us the Memorial Day weekend marks the official start to the summer grilling season. Now that we’re already a weekend into grilling season, you’ll have abundant opportunities to discover how wine fits into your favorite backyard meal. Whether you are firing that grill for hot dogs, thick steaks, sausages or portobellos and veggies, don’t hesitate to grab a glass and enjoy the recommendations. The ...

Wine book author hits local wineries

By Dave Buchanan
Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Paula Mitchell, whose most-recent book, “Exploring Colorado Wineries — Guidebook & Journal,” is now available, will be in the Grand Valley this week to reinforce friendships with some of Colorado’s long-established wineries. Unfortunately, Mitchell’s whirlwind schedule doesn’t allow for a formal book-signing on this go-around, but a future signing (Colorado Mountain Winefest, perhaps?) could happen if her series of hour-long visits to local ...

Bozzetti: wines notes of note

By Dave Buchanan
Wednesday, May 9, 2012

This weekend (May 12-13) is Mother's Day. Yep, the whole weekend and if you know what's right, it's the whole year. Saturday's event is the annual Wine, Buffalo and Chocolate Mother's Day Trail hosted by Leroux Creek Vineyards, Liliputian Winery and Dave and Sue Whittlesey's High Wire Elk and Buffalo Ranch. All the venues are on the verdant Rogers Mesa, between Austin and Hotchkiss, and it's a lovely break from the dry climes of the Grand Valley, where ...

DLW 2012 was a hoot, and the wines were good, too

By Dave Buchanan
Wednesday, May 9, 2012

The DrinkLocalWine conference last weekend in Denver was a hoot, with plenty of wines (mostly good), seminars (all good) and frank talk (mixed) about Colorado’s wine industry. The general reception seemed to be Colorado winemakers are on the right track and making decent to very good wines but overall the industry needs a few more years to mature and find itself. That’s neither shocking nor new, even though there are some winemakers here who already have found their niche ...

DrinkLocalWine sets eyes on Colorado wine

By Dave Buchanan
Monday, April 9, 2012

A nation of wine writers descends on Denver April 27-29 to get a grape’s eye view of the state’s wine industry during the fourth annual DrinkLocalWine conference. What they’ll find, particularly those who think the wine-making earth ends just east of San Luis Obispo, is the water here is safe and so is the wine. The DrinkLocalWine movement was initiated by wine blogger Jeff Siegel (The Wine Curmudgeon) and Washington Post wine writer Dave McIntyre, both of whom want ...

Global wine shortage? World’s grape supply points to higher prices

By Dave Buchanan
Monday, March 26, 2012

Wine consumers could be paying higher prices as the world-wide glut of wine and wine grapes shows signs of ending. Reports from several major wine-trade websites are saying a series of low harvests worldwide along with a global rise in wine consumption point toward the possibility of a wine shortage, something unthinkable a few years ago when the world seemed awash in wine. Shanken News Daily reported California has suffered two consecutive small harvests, which means wine makers are ...

What you get when you invite a wine goddess to dinner

By Dave Buchanan
Tuesday, February 28, 2012

It's not what you think, and maybe that's a good thing. The wine goddess in this case is Edesia, and she's the namesake of the Palisade's “Edesia, a Palisade Culinary, Wine and Spirits Adventure” on March 18 comes to the Wine Country Inn. Edesia is said to be the goddess of banquets and food preparation and she usually hangs with partner Bibesia, goddess of drink, the two ensuring any party they hit is a great time. They certainly are benevolent goddesses, ...

Early spring? Not for grapes, who like it warm

By Dave Buchanan
Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Sunday’s snowstorm and cold temperatures may have come as a shock to those already thinking spring had arrived in the Grand Valley but it was a good thing for the area’s grape crop. While the moisture was needed, it’s the return to cold temperatures that’s really welcome. That the winter has been warmer than usual doesn’t surprise many people, but the degree to which it’s been warmer might. "Our average (daily) high is running about 5.5 degrees ...

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