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The Book Report News

By Richie Ann Ashcraft

Soren came to me last weekend and said he had a great idea for his book report project. He wanted to be a TV newscaster and I should video it for him.

On the designated night, Soren came down in a suit and tie. He even found some dress shoes. I tried to keep my motherly guidance to a minimum. At one point though, he started going on and on about valium. I sat behind the camera, eyebrows raising and raising as he gave a very strange description of the mother in this book who apparently took valium a lot. I nixed most of that part of his speech. I mean, what the heck is his teacher going to think? He insisted it was an essential part of the plot so we compromised as you'll see in the video.

I let him help me do the editing last night. He really likes transitions and made sure there were many fancy extras. Who doesn't love a good transition to jazz up a newscast.

Anyway, here's Soren presenting The BRN (Book Report News).