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Ordering seeds

By Penny Stine

My gardening buddy, Jan, and I got together on Saturday morning to figure out our seed order. We usually refer to it as our garden porn session, although a neighbor of mine referred to it as horti-porn. I’m not sure which I prefer… both are fairly accurate.
I probably received almost 20 seed catalogs in the mail. I got duplicates from some companies, but I heard from plenty of companies from which I’d never ordered seeds.
My goal was to order from only three different catalogs. Of course, my goal was also to order seeds that I really wanted to grow, and when you find some weird little variety that only one catalog has, it makes it difficult to stick with just three catalogs.
We ended up ordering from four catalogs because Tomato Growers was the only one that had the Black from Tula variety, Johnny’s had De Cicco broccoli, Redwing onions, Cylindra beets, Autumn Star kalettes and Adirondack Blue potatoes, Park Seed had Tenderstar green beans, Enterprise summer squash and sponges for our bio-domes, and finally, Burpee had this awesome pea called Peagoda, as well as the Bodacious honeydew and Collective Farm Woman melons. How could we not order all of those cool, unique seeds?
We also ordered several seeds that weren’t so unique, which put our total up to about $246. But since we’re splitting it in two, that puts at it at merely $123 per person, which isn’t bad, considering all the food I get out of my garden, as well as all the happy hours I spend playing in the dirt.
It’s cheaper than both therapy and organic produce from the store, so it’s $123 well-spent.