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By Julie Norman

Ah, some they're the things that cause you to throw out your Tupperware.  To others, they're lunch!  Which category do you fall into?  Yesterday a friend and I were discussing leftovers. 

"I need to be better with the leftovers," he said.

"You do," I replied.

"I think it's a texture thing...I get to the last two bites of leftover pizza and I just can't do it!"

I'm not sure when the leftover attitude a kid are you the one who hates leftovers?  Or as an adult do you just decide they're not your thing?  Honestly, leftovers are one of the best money-savers around! They give you a chance to continue to use an item that you've already purchased instead of buying something else.   They are especially useful for lunches as they can keep you from spending $10 a day on a meal when there's something perfectly edible waiting for you in the fridge!

There are ways to change things up though.  You don't have to just eat leftover chicken.  Add in some chicken broth and some frozen corn, a bit of salsa and some diced avocado and you've got a tortilla soup.  Take those leftover noodles, add some cilantro, scallions and peanut sauce and you've got a great Thai meal.  Turn that leftover roast into an awesome sandwich!

Whatever you do, make it your goal to try to eat those leftovers.  You'll feel so much better when you can actually reuse your Tupperware instead of just having to toss it and its moldy contents in the trash.