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Seriously good garlic

By Penny Stine

I decided to dig another elephant garlic bulb over the weekend because we were smoking a pork loin and I wanted to smoke an entire clove of elephant garlic.

As you might be able to see, the leaves had started to die back, which is a sign that the garlic is ready for harvest. As you can also see, there are three teeny-tiny cloves. I have no idea if they would form bigger cloves if I left it in the ground longer. 




I washed it off and then wrapped it in foil with a little salt, pepper and olive oil.I resisted the urge to use my flavored olive oil from Bella Balsamic, because my hubby prefers the plain. He’s not a fan of the infused balsamic vinegars, either, which is a real bummer.
We had the Traeger on smoke, so I just put the foil-wrapped garlic on the grill next to the pork and let it cook for about two hours.

When I took it off, I was afraid it would still be hard, but inside the skin of the cloves, the garlic was smooth and creamy. I put some in a corn and poblano chile side dish, but served the rest on a plate and we all just spread it on our buns like mayo or barbecue sauce, then piled on the shredded pork.
Seriously delicious sandwiches.