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July cucumbers

By Penny Stine

I planted three different types of cucumbers from seed this year, Suyo long, Sir Crunch a-lot and Marketmore. I ordered the first two from catalogs, but picked up the Marketmore at a hardware store when I realized the bugs every every single cucumber I planted on my front cucumber trellis. They then proceeded to eat all the Marketmore ones, too. I have one more cucumber plant in a flower pot, and I can’t remember what kind it is.

The bugs didn’t find the Suyo long, which are growing on the trellis in the photo. There’s also a morning glory on the trellis that came up on its own. The last (and only) time I planted morning glory in that spot was probably six or seven years ago. I recognized it and thought it would be pretty on the trellis, so I let it stay there this year. It does look good in the morning.

The Suyo long cucumber plants are supposed to be extremely prolific, producing cukes that are never bitter and last all season long, so the reviews say. I had three on the vine, and although they’re supposed to routinely reach 12 to 18 inches, I was curious and tasted the first one when it was only six or seven inches long. It was bitter, and I was so disappointed.
I mean, every other cucumber plant died, I’ve got these Suyos thriving, but producing nasty cucumbers! I decided to let the other two on the plant get a little bigger and try again later. The catalog said to plant them on a trellis if you wanted straight cucumbers. I planted mine near a trellis, but am not getting straight cucumbers, even from the vines that are growing on the trellis. 

Can you see the bright green cucumber curving around the pepper plant in the photo?




I’m happy to say that when I tasted the one I picked last night, it wasn’t bitter at all. It didn’t have the crisp crunchiness of other cucumbers, but it wasn’t mushy, either.

And even though it was probably 10 to 12 inches long, I think I picked it a little too early. I’m going to let the other one remain on the vine for another few days before I pick it. I saw that the plants are forming lots of little cucumbers, so I’m hoping they remain sweet.