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Two for the skies

By Dave Buchanan
From the Department of Do We Really Need This? comes this by way of fellow Cox blogger Mark Fisher at the Dayton Daily News. It’s one way to sneak the good stuff past the TSA guards on your next flight so you’re not stuck with the plonk airlines normally serve: The WineRack. You can add your bad puns in the comment section below. Speaking of airline wine, some airlines are responding to customers' complaints by upgrading their wine service and selection and even hiring in-flight sommeliers (business class, you know) to ease the pangs of long-distance travel (and perhaps the joyless meals staring at you). Judges at the Cellars in the Sky 2007 competition recently honored American Airlines as having the best Business Class Wine Cellar among the 26 airlines in the contest. According to a story on (HERE) American’s wine consultant Diane Teitelbaum personally selects the 60 different wines and 16 different wine lists served each month on American’s planes. No word on whether you can take home that unfinished bottle.