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Two more affordable 2005s

By Dave Buchanan
bellevue red.JPG Continuing the search for affordable 2005 Bordeaux, we found a couple here in town that were under $20 and very drinkable. Chateau Bellevue Rougier ($10, imported by Great Lakes Wine Co. and the Baum Wine Group, Bensenvile, Ill.) is from Entre-Deux-Mers, the expansive forested area between the Dordogne and Garonne rivers. Curiously, the appelation Entre-Deux-Mers only applies to the area’s white wines, so the reds all are labeled either Bordeaux or Bordeaux Superior. But don’t discount the reds. They tend to be concentrated and aromatic, and the chateau Bellevue Rougier is both, redolent of dark berry fruit and earth. It’s 13.5-percent alcohol and tastes mostly of merlot with some cabernet sauvignon, cab franc and petit verdot. Chateau de Terrefort Lescalle ($12, imported by Summit Distributing, Aurora), is from Macau in the Margaux commune in Medoc. Dark red with a nose of forest and dark fruits, is 65 percent merlot, 35 percent cabernet and equal parts petite verdot and cabernet franc. The practice of putting the varietal on the bottle, something we in the U.S. take for granted, isn’t the general practice elsewhere, especially Europe. That said, the 2005 vintage will be the first where French winemakers in the St. Emilion area can use varietal labeling, although it’s likely most of them won’t break with tradition until they see how the new labels help wine sales.