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Mexican-Asian fusion experiment a success

By Penny Stine

I was planning on doing something with tomatillos for dinner last night, then I read that curry was supposed to be one of those foods that’s good for your brain, so I decided to make tomatillo curry.
Although I found a few recipes, I decided to just wing it with whatever I found ripe in the garden.
Oh my goodness. I found a lot.

These are the tomatillos, simmering in a saucepan with onions, garlic, a sweet yellow pepper, half of a Big Jim pepper, some ground cherries and a bunch of curry-type spices (coriander, turmeric, ginger and curry powder).

I had more tomatillos than I needed, so I peeled the papery lantern off, washed them and stuck them in freezer bags. I think I have about four gallon bags full of tomatillos in my freezer. I think there’s a lot of pork or chicken tomatillo stew in my future this winter.

This is the beautiful Kellogg Breakfast tomato and the mass of green onions I decided to throw in the curry.The Big Jim chile was hotter than I realized, so I hoped the sweetness of the tomato (and the ground cherries) would reduce the heat.


I also had a bunch of kale, which I was going to roast or sauté separately, but decided to chop into fine bits and add to the curry, because I was already dirtying another pot to cook rice and a sauté pan to cook fish. Unlike those TV chefs, I don’t have minions to clean up my mess, so I try not to use every pan I own.
This is what it looked like on the plate. I dredged the fish fillets in a cornmeal/spice mixture, then sautéed them in coconut oil. I decided to roll a few scrimps into the cornmeal and sauté those, too.
It was very tasty. I’m sure the connections in my brain appreciated my efforts to give them good food.