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Did you know…

By Julie Norman

Did you know that once October arrives the price of a walk-in tent site at Ridgway State Park drops to $16 a night? It sure does.  Showers are still open for the first few weeks of October too, so you can get a cheap tent site AND a shower!  Of course, there is a state park entrance fee to pay, but there's a lot to do at the park.  There are hiking trails and biking trails, the reservoir, a campfire to stoke and stare at for, since you're camping, you can save quite a bit on food.  Camping, to me, is the ideal frugal vacation.  

In other frugal news, my Kindle died. However, since I've been spoiled in the past I can also read all my Kindle books on my iPad. I've so far opted not to replace the Kindle because it seems a bit ridiculous.  I don't often read outside, which is the one time the Kindle would be better than the iPad. 

Finally, I have a $100 Visa Gift Card that doesn't seem to be burning a hole in my pocket.  I spent $13 on a pair of jeans and some corduroys at Goodwill last week.  So far that's it. I'm sure I'll find some new clothes for winter that i want, but until then it can just stay tucked away in my wallet. The less i think about it, the better!