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Thrifty Christmas Gifts continued

By Julie Norman

In continuing to keep myself honest about my thrifty Christmas gifts, I present to you two more completed presents:


The Happy Hour Basket

The Happy Hour basket is suitable for your sister, your best friend, your husband, your dad, or anyone who enjoys a good after-work cocktail. This basket includes a bag of Popcorn Factory caramel popcorn, 3 cosmopolitan/martini mixers (raspberry, pomegranite and cranberry) and 3 flavored mini bottles of vodka (peach, coconut and cranberry).  It also includes a Photoshopped note which describes how to mix the cocktails.  Let's breakdown the costs:

Basket: $1.50 (50% off at a craft store)

Popcorn: $2.99 (in the "gourmet foods section" of one of those "buy everything for less here" stores)

Mixers: Part of a set that was $5.99.  I'm only using half of the mixers here, so the cost gets knocked down to $2.99

Vodkas: .99/each on sale at my favorite liquor store.  (so, $3 for the ones in the basket)


Total cost of the Happy Hour basket: $10.48


The Inspiration Basket (can you see I'm going with a theme here?)

The Inspiration Basket is for someone who enjoys a quiet cup of coffee and a journal, or who likes those "Most Brilliant Thoughts" or "Quotes for Women" type books. This one includes: A book of blessings/quotes, a blank journal with the recipient's initial on the front, 2 angels (this person likes angels), a packet of salted caramel hot cocoa mix, bookmarks, tissues with "faith" "hope", etc on them and eventually it'll include a box of Taster's Choice coffee singles (a favorite of the recipient's).

Basket: $2.50 (50% off)

Angels: $3 each

Book: $7.98 (on clearance)

Journal: Part of a set of 2 that was $3, so $1.50.

Tissues: Part of a much larger pack that I got for $2.  So approximately .60 cents total.

Hot chocolate: Free (someone was giving them away at work)

Coffee: (not pictured) $1

Total cost of the inspiration basket: $16.58. 


That's still pretty good I think.  So there you have it.  Two really fun gifts for under $20 each.  Places to find great gifts like bags of Ghiradelli chocolate, interesting spices, salts, etc for close out costs are Big Lots and Ross.  You'd be amazed at the interesting food items you can find there! Put together a great "Italian night" basket with a mediterranean sea salt, fancy olive oil, and gourmet pasta sauce/pasta or a choco-holic basket with a few types of Ghiradelli or Lindor chocolates, hot chocolate mix and something crazy like chocolate covered popcorn or grasshoppers (I have no idea where you'd find those).

What are your ideas? Find more on my Homemade Christmas Pinterest Board: