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The last harvest

By Penny Stine

I took this photo a few weeks ago, at the very end of October, when I was going to do a blog about the last harvest. I never wrote about it because I realized it wasn’t truly the last harvest in 2014. It was the final harvest of the warm-season stuff before the first frost, but I left quite a few things in the garden, like kale, broccoli, beets, carrots and onions. I left a kohlrabi out there, too.

These peppers are sweet yellow oblong peppers. Some actually turned yellow. I used most of them green. The watermelon and honeydew were tasty. 

I've been checking the broccoli for little florets and have managed to continue to find a few here and there. The kohlrabi, carrots and most of the beets never did get big enough to pick, so I covered them all with straw and will hope they survive the winter. The kale held up pretty well until the temperatures dipped into the low 20s and high teens, then it wilted and appeared to die in most places. 

I have some blue dwarf curly kale in a protected area that was still looking pretty good, so I went out on Saturday and picked enough to put in a risotto and perhaps add to my Thanksgiving stuffing. I usually make a kale salad with oranges and cranberries on Thanksgiving, but I'm roasting brussels sprouts with an orange honey glaze and dried cranberries instead, so kale salad with cranberries and oranges seems a little reduntant.

When I was out in the garden, I also found a beet that was big enough to pick. 

I'm pretty sure this really is the last harvest from my outside garden this season. Fortunately, my mushrooms are still going strong in the spare bedroom. 

And soon, I'll get the first seed catalog in the mail and can start dreaming about next year's garden!