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Get ready, set, grow

By Penny Stine

I got some of my seeds started over the weekend. Because peppers grow so slowly at first, my gardening buddy and I started those and we also started some cold-weather loving plants. We could have direct-sowed the cold-lovers in April, but we wanted to give them a little head start.


This year, I’m growing a giant kohlrabi variety that my mom recommended (which has already sprouted, as you can see in this pic) as well as an orange cauliflower, a normal broccoli and a weird broccoli variety that has stems like asparagus. We’re also trying a new kale variety that’s supposed to be sweeter than regular kale, some leftover Brussels sprouts seeds and a purple savoy cabbage. Oh, the excitement of new varieties… be still, my beating heart.

Most of the cole crops have already sprouted in my southern window.
We ordered several different types of pepper seeds, and we also used some left over pepper seeds from previous years. My friend, Jan, wants purple jalapeños, which we had leftover, while I want to continue growing the hot Fresno peppers, which were leftover. We’re trying one new hot pepper called a cayennetta, which is supposed to grow well in a pot.
We’ve got a combination of new seeds and old seeds for peppers, too. I’ve got my planters with peppers sitting on my heat mat, but so far, none of the peppers have sprouted.