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More tasty goodness from the seed catalog company

By Penny Stine

Look what I found on my doorstep last weekend! Just when the outside garden is winding down, I got my grow box full of mushroom spores!

Some women get excited about jewelry; my heart goes pitty-patter over a box of dirt and fungi.

The mushroom kit came with instructions, which were pretty simple to follow.




Open the big box. Take out the plastic bag with the spores and add water.




Dump the wet mess on the compost in the box (the box is lined with a heavy plastic bag).


Make sure the compost is all thoroughly wet, then fold the plastic back over the compost.
Close the box. Stick it in a dark place and leave it alone for a week.
I did all of that on Friday night. This Friday, I think I’m supposed to check on it and spritz it with a spray bottle full of water. I don’t remember whether I’m supposed to close the box back up again or not, but I kept the instructions.
I’ll take photos as I see something growing.
The portabella kit was a little pricy - I think it was $34.99 plus shipping. Shipping was a boatload because the box was full of compost, which isn’t exactly lightweight. Button mushrooms were cheaper, but I like portabellas and they’re pretty pricy in the store, too.
Besides, I need garden therapy in the winter, too.