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I’m digging this garlic

By Penny Stine

I’ve been digging up my garlic in the last month, starting with the Korean red garlic and then continuing with the other varieties (and I can’t remember what they are). The Korean red was an early variety, and it was definitely ready to dig. I thought my other garlic was, too, since it was starting to dry up, with the tops turning brown.

When I dug it, however, the papery husk wasn’t quite formed, and that’s what helps the garlic stay good for months, so I decided to leave the rest of it in the ground for another week or two. Now I just hope the tops don’t turn brown and wither away, since I won’t remember where exactly, I planted the garlic.
I’m not too worried, since I have quite a bit already.


So far, I like the flavor of the Korean red, although to be honest, I can’t really tell it from any other garlic.


I like to leave the garlic out on my picnic table without washing it for several weeks (and sometimes a month, if I get lazy), which allows it to cure. Then I can brush away the dirt and either braid it, if the tops are soft and pliable, or just chop off the top and store it in a canvas bag in the fridge.