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Carrot management

By Penny Stine

I had a few carrots go to seed this summer, so I cut the stalks off and threw them on my husband’s work bench. It really bugs him, so last night, I shook off all the seeds I could into a couple of envelopes for planting either later this fall or sometime early next spring.

Gardening experts do not advise this. Almost all carrots are hybrids, which means whatever grows from the seed won’t be whatever you planted that went to seed. I do not care, however, what kind of carrot grows, I simply want to grow carrots. They all taste the same to me.

I have a hard time growing carrots for reasons I cannot fathom. The best carrots I ever grew were ones that came up on their own after a carrot went to seed the previous year, which is why I always try to let at least one plant go to seed.

I sprinkled some of these on the ground in mid-summer, simply because I was curious to see if they’d get big enough to pick before the ground freezes.
So far, they’re not, but that’s probably because I planted them in a partly shady area.
I’m going to get a bale of straw and spread it around the seedlings later this fall and see what emerges next spring.