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Who (or what) likes the rain?

By Penny Stine

While I had enough rain in the years that I lived in Seattle to last a lifetime, now that I've been gone 15 years, I don't mind it so much. There are plenty of living things that absolutely thrive in this cool, wet weather, however, and several of them are growing in my garden. 


The baby bok choy is quite happy...









as are the potatoes that recently came out of the ground and are growing like gangbusters.The beets that I left in the ground last fall are looking good, too.













The peas along this fence are thriving in the wet weather.










My perennial herbs are happy, although I'm not as happy with some of them, like this salad burnet.

It has a tendency to spread, so now I have little baby salad burnets popping up everywhere. I wouldn't mind it if the plant were particularly striking or delicious, but while it's kinda fern-like and interesting, it doesn't taste like much. So far, I'm letting it grow in shady spots, but I'm thinking I'm going to dig it out and plant other things. 




And of course, the weeds are delirious. Dang weeds...