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Thrifty Digital Ski Art

By Julie Norman

This is one of my thrifty Christmas gifts for this year.  I bought the frame at Michael's for $12.99 (40% off) and created the image using Photoshop.  You could also create a similar image using  Because I needed this to be on high quality photo paper, and because it was an odd size (11x11 square), I enlisted the help of the people at Copy Copy (corner of 4th and North).  They're a little pricey, but I was able to just email the image over and tell them what I needed done.  They emailed back when it was ready. Cost for the picture: $8.50. 


Total cost of the Christmas gift: $21.50.  You can find ski canvas art, ski photos, etc online for around the same price or a little more, but then you have to factor in shipping too.  Some of those are $22 without a frame, so then you've got to add in that cost.  More importantly, none of those are personalized with ski resorts and runs that we've been to and skied.  I can guarantee most of them also don't have a quote by Warren Miller at the bottom either.

So was it the most thrifty gift I could create? Probably not. But it's going to look great hanging in our house and it's a great representation of our love of skiing.