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From Concert Trips to Finding True Love, Music Always There

By David Goe

Avett Brothers + Sturgill Simpson, Red Rocks Amphitheatre, July 11, 2015

All the important memories in my life, or at least a majority of them, are tied to music. In somehow, someway, my most cherished moments seem to be connected with a song, concert, or a band.

Cooking for my parents with the omnipresent George Harrison playing in the background, driving overnight through the Utah desert with my best friend for a Dave Matthews Band concert, sharing a beer with Wilco at the Rockslide, my first performance with Dreamboat at Tenacious Brothers — the list goes on and on.

Music has meant so much more to me then I can describe here. Yes, it’s been the soundtrack of my life but it’s also been the gateway to so many great relationships. From melancholy and joy to heartbreak and romance, I would simply not be the man I am today without harmony and melody.

For the average music fan there’s nothing particularly special or memorable about the Parlours, a mildly successful indie band from Iowa. Yet for me, they are one of the most important bands of my life. At their Mesa Theater and Club lounge show, Saturday night, August 25, 2012, I met the love of my life.

Even today, as the opening synth chords fade into my favorite Parlours song “Dreamers,” time stops, and no matter my surroundings, I’m reminded of when I met Jamie.

I see the tiny giraffes on her patterned blue dress. I see her long, loose curls lightly falling on her grey cardigan sweater, and her warm, heart-melting gaze like it was yesterday.

I also see the terrible outfit I was wearing, ragged cut-off jean shorts and one of my dad’s old plaid button up shirts, and wonder why she ever gave me the time of day.

I can’t tell you if it was love at first sight, but seeing her and realizing that the rest of the lounge had vanished around us, the connection I felt, and continue to feel today, was undeniable. Truth be told I can’t recall anything about the night, other than the moments spent in effortless conversation with her.

Almost a week later we meet again at another concert, Jack + Jill with opening support from Dreamboat, the band I was playing bass with at the time. Feeling unusually confident, perhaps the result of the full blue moon hanging overhead, I asked her out after our set. She said yes.

Since those late August nights we’ve made countless memories together. We spent our second anniversary at Red Rocks Amphitheatre, weathering a torrential downpour to see the Arctic Monkeys. We went to the Postal Service reunion show and “Motown: The Musical” together. We’ve spent date nights at our friend’s band and DJ shows. We’ve dressed up as zombie Ewok and zombie Hunter S. Thompson for Zombie Prom.

When I play an Avett Brothers song on guitar I think about our annual pilgrimage to Red Rocks to see them live. I think about filling our house with their music and the promise I’ve made to learn banjo because that’s what Scott Avett, her favorite Avett, plays.

The past three years have been the best of my life, filed with great music, yes, but more importantly, priceless memories. Jamie’s made my ordinary life extraordinary and I can’t help but wonder, if it wasn’t for the Parlours, or Dreamboat, or the Avett Brothers, would we still have found each other?

Coincidentally next Friday, July 31, is the first blue moon since August 2012. It is also our wedding day. I love her today, tomorrow, and for the rest of our lives, and feel lucky to store yet another treasured memory with this perfect girl.