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A never-ending chore

By Penny Stine

I spent hours on Saturday pulling weeds in my gardens, tacking this small east garden first, since it has more actual produce growing in it than the other gardens.

I call it my spring garden, since I seem to plant a lot of early spring stuff in it, probably because I can stretch the hose over to that garden pretty easily if I need to water in March. 

Once I finished the east garden, I moseyed on over to the west garden. I did the front half, where I hope to plant a bunch of tomatoes this weekend, if there's no freeze in the forecast after Mother's Day. 




I even weeded the back half of the west garden, where I've already planted potatoes, onions, cauliflower, cabbage, peas and brussels sprouts, and where the chives are growing to ridiculous size.

I filled my 35-gallon trash container. 

I went out to take a couple of photos afternoon of the results of all my hard work when I went home for lunch & realized I could fill another 35-gallon trash container full of weeds.  

On a positive note, however, I was incredibly pleased with the carpet pathways I laid a month or so ago. It was so much easier to kneel on the carpet than it had been when it was a rocky path. And so far, the weeds are staying away from the carpet!