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FINALLY! A budget-friendly week at the grocery store

By Julie Norman

I'm sure you guys are sick of hearing about me and the grocery store, but's the store I shop at the most!  This weekend I had the first under-budget week at the store that I've had in a while.  Yeah, it's been an expensive few months...we haven't wasted anything, but there have been trips and friends visiting...a camping trip...all of those things require "extras" from the store and those extras add up FAST.  This week though I managed to keep things in check by yes, making a menu. I've heard me before decry the menu as causing extra expenses...but with a little compromising I think it can come in handy.  My method was:

  • Think about ingredients I had on hand (particularly meats and staples).
  • Look through my printed coupons, digital coupons and "just for you" Safeway coupons.
  • Look at the sale paper.
  • Get some new recipe ideas from Pinterest and Cooking Light.  
  • Put ALL of this information together to create a menu for the week.

It didn't really take that long.  I sat at the kitchen table Saturday morning and got everything all planned out. At the same time I scanned the dirty dozen list and made notes of which produce items to buy from the organic section (pears and apples this week). 

So what did I buy and what did I leave out? Well, I bought the meats I needed for a few recipes (some Candian bacon that I had a $1 off coupon for and some on-ale Al Fresco Chicken Sausage). I bought lots of produce: raspberries, apples, pears, broccoli, some mushrooms (buy the loose ones and you'll probably save $$ and know that none of them are slimey)...milk, eggs (I had a coupon for Land O Lakes all-natural), yadda yadda...I don't remember what else. All I know is that I got everything we needed and, in the end the total came to $79!  That included a $9 book of stamps!

What wasn't in the cart were store-bought cookies, bread, crackers, jarred tomato sauce or frozen pizzas. Not that there aren't healthy versions of all those things. There are.  We just don't usually buy them and definitely didn't need them this week.  What are your tips for menu planning?