Fruita officers cleared by DA
 in fatal shooting

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According to the DA’s letter linked to the story, Officer Courtney fired 8 times (“Officer Courtney fired eight rounds at Pollard and stopped firing when he saw Pollard fall to the ground”), Sgt. Paquette fired 2 times, and Officer Lentz fired 3 times. According to the old arithmetic I was taught, that makes a total of 13 rounds fired. However, the Sentinel’s story said, “Of the 11 rounds fired by the officers, six were from Courtney, two were fired by Paquette and three were fired by Lentz.” So, did Office Courtney fire 8 rounds, or 6 rounds? Obviously it can’t be both.
According to the report of Dr. Robert Kurtzman, five slugs were found in Pollard’s body. That would seem to logically infer there were no exit wounds and and only 5 entrance wounds on Pollard’s body. Yet no mention is made in either the Sentinel’s article or Pete Hautzinger’s letter as to where those entrance wounds were located on Pollard’s body. Given all the contradictory information fed by law enforcement to the media which resulted in absurdly contradictory new stories, I should think that type of information would be important to the noble causes of transparency and credibility in government.
I didn’t mention it at the time, but I was not impressed with the responses given to the media by law enforcement spokespersons regarding the recent shooting on Interstate 70. I, for one, don’t appreciate law enforcement — whom I wholeheartedly support IN PRINCIPLE — conducting themselves in such a way that it creates an appearance that they are equivocating and deliberately withholding information in an effort to stall for time and “preserve their options” while everybody involved gets their story straight. The truth doesn’t require that sort of manipulation. I also don’t appreciate the media’s apparent lack of enthusiasm for holding police power’s feet to the fire in these types of situations where transparency and credibility are clearly in the best interests of public safety and the rule of law.
Lastly, I don’t appreciate wannabe-clever Southern-Poverty-Law-Center-type “law” enforcement talking points designed to demonize suspects in the media as “anti-government”. “Pro-constitution” does NOT equal “anti-government”. In view of all the coverups such as JFK (74% don’t believe the Warren Commission Report), RFK, MLK, 9-11, OKC, TWA800, Waco, Ruby Ridge, ad infinitum, it is obvious there is, and will continue to be, an ever-growing tension between government’s attempts to ignore and/or violate America’s social contract (the U.S. Constitution and Bill of Rights) at will and “the people’s” desire to hold government officials to the plain terms of that two-party specific-performance contract. The least we local folks can do in the interests of public peace and safety is demand that local law enforcement and local media do their jobs with the appropriate level of truthfulness, lawfulness and transparency. Is that really too much to ask?

In my previous post, I used the phrase, “According to the report of Dr. Robert Kurtzman”. I have not read Dr. Kurtzman’s report, but was referring to what Pete Hautzinger said about it in his letter. In any future similar types of news stories, I believe it would be a real public service for the Sentinel to also link the coroner’s report to the story along with the DA’s letter clearing the officers.

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