Only talk is cheap when 
it comes to health care

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The letters of Joseph A. Luff and Bill Marvel are right on the money.
The term “affordable health care” is an Economics 101 deception from start to finish. What is “affordable” for George Soros and Bill Gates is far from “affordable” for the average Joe. Why not talk about “affordable” Rolls Royces or “affordable” Lamborghinis?! That makes just as much sense as Jim Spehar’s obfuscating blather. I mean, give me a break! Just how stupid does your average liberal politician think we are? To any person who has read “Socialism: An Economic and Sociological Analysis”, by Ludwig Von Mises ( and “The Fatal Conceit: The Errors of Socialism”, by Friedrich Hayek ( Spehar’s musings can only seem amusing, disgusting, or both.
“Affordable” health care means doctors get to work for free. That the healthcare industry has led inflation for forty years would seem to justify a bit of an “it serves them right” attitude, but that wouldn’t help anything.
One thing guys like Spehar won’t talk about much is the fact the unfunded liabilities of SS and Medicare are figured to be in the neighborhood of $222 trillion. That’s a scary figure which illuminates the self-evident unsustainability of the global neofeudalistic debt-as-money fraud.
We are at the point of either 1) forgiving all debts or 2) collecting all debts. The latter will prove difficult because Americans have over 400 million guns and will be reluctant to accept a “New World Order” variety of global serfdom to the debt-as-money oligarchs.
The main problem inherent with OKenyancare is that, thanks to five revisionist-history Supremes, it forcibly takes away our one and only REAL natural defense against the price of any product being too high: the constitutional right to not buy it.
There are two basic things about political manipulators like Spehar that particularly get my goat. One, they just don’t comprehend the Economics 101 self-evident truth that nobody, and I mean NOBODY, whether as individuals or groups, has enough brains and righteousness to successfully control wages and prices for a whole nation’s economy. The other is that they do not believe in the empirically observable material realities of the universe. They actually believe they are a higher form of life than the rest of us, and that if they can only think up something clever enough to say that the rest of us will believe it, and that politically manipulated “belief” will then actually BE reality.
No personal insult intended toward the basic humanity of the Spehars and OKenyans of the world, but I call “B.S.” on that.

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