Apples of their students’ eyes

Sean Trujillo, Redlands M.S.

Kevin Hardy, Broadway

Robin Sellers, Redlands M.S.

Merlisa Porter, Grand Mesa M.S.

Carla Sassano, Grand Mesa M.S.

Denise Clark, Wingate

Jennifer Greenwood, Clifton Elementary

Marty Wood, Grand Mesa M.S.

Brooke Caster, Mt. Garfield M.S.

Wendy Carvajal, Dual Immersion Academy

Chris Carmiencke, Mt. Garfield M.S.

Dexine McKenzie, Clifton Elementary

Amanda Tally, Grand Mesa M.S.

Patricio Serrano, Dual Immersion Academy

Jan McMartin, Thunder Mountain Elementary

Scott Treider, Grand Mesa M.S.

Apples are wonderful gifts for teachers, but words are, too. Taking part in Teacher Appreciation Week, students express thanks to educators who made a difference in their lives:

# # #

Dear Mrs. Sellers,

You made the biggest impression on me. My sixth-grade year was hard, and you were always there caring about my problems. When my grandpa died, you were the only one to tell me that you were sorry. Your lessons made me love math, also. I still remember listening to country music and decorating my tessellations when I’m asked a tessellation question on CSAP. That is just a relaxing memory in a stressful situation. I love you!

Aley Hyre

# # #

Dear Ms. Porter,

I’ve known you for two years, and for those two years you’ve helped me so much. I would want to take this time to say thank you so much from helping me with projects, book reports and simple worksheets. You always tell us to get out of your class and try our best on NWEA and Cila testing, but the truth is that if I leave your class, I would miss you a lot.

Also, I would like to thank you so much for getting me to like reading. When I first started here, I would never imagine picking up a book, but now I love reading, maybe not a lot, but when I start a book now, I finish all the books I’ve started.

Furthermore, I don’t see you as just a normal teacher. I would rather call you more of a family member and that is why I call you mommy/mom. You’ve done so much, and I will never forget you and all the magnificent things you’ve said to us or done to us.

Andrea Potter

# # #

Dear Mr. Carmiencke,

I love being in your math class, because you encourage students to do their best, achieve and succeed in life. Math is very fun and exciting in your class, because we play games and get to talk through all the problems. When it comes to math, you make it so fun and I learn a lot. I just wanted to say thank you for teaching us. You are a wonderful teacher. Thank you, Mr. C!

Shaianne Zellner

# # #

Dear Mrs. Sassano,

You are the coolest teacher ever because you are patient and you let us have fun. You make me feel like an adult. You don’t yell and scream all the time and you are not demanding. You don’t put yourself first—you put the kids first. You are so athletic and kind to us students.

Thank you for being such an awesome teacher!

Cody Johnson

# # #

Mr. Trujillo,

You are the most favorite teacher I’ve ever had! You have taught me a lot of lessons in life. I always get in trouble in your class and your class only! You have had serious talks with me. I called you Mr. True-Jello. I finally learned how to spell it. You were fun and kept me on track. I’ll always remember you. Thank you for being a great teacher!

Your former student,
Brookie McCallister

# # #

Dear Mrs. Clark,

From the very first day of second grade ‘til now, you have been my favorite teacher. I still remember Yurtle the turtle, the adorable reptile we had as a class pet. You made a huge impression on me, and I will never forget you.

Melissa Murphy

# # #

Dear Mr. Hardy,

I remember great activities that went on in the third grade. I remember when you gave us music on disk and then we sang to them in class. I also remember that fort inside that classroom that the kids used as a quiet reading area. Also, every Friday we would get donuts and soda. Thank you for making my third-grade year so memorable.

Jerrod Ross

# # #

Dear Mrs. Greenwood,

I just wanted to let you know that I’m happy you’re my first teacher in Colorado because you’re the nicest, most caring teacher that I know. Even though I was only in your class for a month or two, I appreciate what you did for us.

Dallas Nichols

# # #

Dear Mr. Treider,

You are the best teacher I have ever had. You put me in a great mood on some of the worst days, and you have helped me understand everything about math. Math is the one hour I can spend with one of the best teachers at GMMS. I used to hate math, but because of you, I now love it!  I will be very sad moving on to seventh grade next year, but I hope that you continue working at GMMS so that I can stop by and visit you. Thank you for being such an amazing teacher!
Kendra Urbin

# # #

Dear Mrs. McKenzie,

I just want to take this moment and tell you how much I appreciated you as my 2nd grade teacher. You may not remember me, but I’m still writing to you. In your class you always made it as fun as you could. When we had reading time, I always ran for the big red pillow, and you didn’t make me go back and walk. It was also fun when we sang songs and messed around. You would always let Toby, Mitch, Lizzy, and me talk. Out of all teachers at Fruitvale Elementary that I had, you are the best.

Blake Adair

# # #

Dear Mr. Serrano,

Thank you for teaching me so much. Thank you for teaching me how to write letters. Thank you for teaching me how to do the animal alphabet. I also had lots of fun growing grass in kindergarten. I remember my first day there. I was scared and I didn’t want to go to school. I felt better when everyone introduced themselves. I had an awesome time in kindergarten.


# # #

Dear Mrs. Talley,

I would like to thank you for a wonderful year in your 8th grade honors math class. I felt that your class challenged me enough this year. The way you taught was so clear and informative that I could understand. If I don’t move on to Math II, then I would be more than happy to take Math I over again. You are a great teacher, and I am glad you’re my math teacher.

Your student,
Ashley Fullmer

# # #

Dear Ms. Wendy (Carvajal),

I really enjoyed being in your class. It was a lot of fun. You were so nice that you were the best teacher I ever had. I still remember that you showed me how to pronounce the r and double r. You are cool, and I will always remember you.


# # #

Dear Mr. Wood,

You have helped me a lot. You are the one that lets me know I can go a lot farther than I think I can. I know that I can go a lot farther and do better, like getting better grades. I have made a lot of memories with you, Mr. Wood. I remember when you made me run the mile and how to be a little bit more quiet. I thank you!

Isaac Kelly

# # #

Dear Mrs. Caster,

I had a lot of fun in your class this school year. I wanted to thank you for teaching me all this cool math stuff!  You made learning so much fun, because we played games but we were learning at the same time. My family is so proud of what I have learned in your class. I hope to be in your class next year, too!  Thanks!

Ally Kissell

# # #

Dear Mrs. Durkop,

You were the best teacher I ever had, because you would be hard on me, not a softy. I had you for two years at Fruitvale Elementary, and you could say I was a teacher’s pet back then, because you were nice to me. For example, you said “Jordan, since you’re going on to 5th grade, I’m putting Manuel in the same class, because I know you guys are close friends. Good luck with everything there.” Well, here I am three years later in 7th grade with an A+ in AVID.

Herlendo Jordan Robles

# # #

Dear Mrs. Sederstrom,

It has been awhile since I last talked to you. I just want you to know that I appreciate all the things you taught and helped me with in the two years I was in your class in Fruitvale Elementary. I know we had some arguments, but of all my teachers through the years, I feel like you have helped me the most. Thank you for everything and I hope we can talk again.

Toby Cole

# # #

Dear Mrs. Miller-Perkins,

I am a seventh grade student at Grand Mesa Middle School who is successful … ish.  I do absolutely thank you for giving me a good start on my school career. I’m in honors literacy and it’s all because of you. You helped me through sixth grade at Clifton and were there for me; I am ever so grateful and wish that you are doing great. Please contact me on my student web mail so we can talk.

Monique Garcia

# # #

Dear Mrs. Conner,

Thank you for making your class so original. I loved that you were always there when I had a question and always had an answer. I remember every Friday when it was “Stars Day.” We would always have the estimation jar. No other class at Fruitvale Elementary did that!

I really enjoyed being in your class, not only because it was fun, but because you were the best teacher ever! I really hope that I can see you again; sometime maybe I can come visit, if that is okay with you. I also hear that Mrs. Bollinger isn’t teaching with you any more. That’s too bad. Well, thank you for being there. Hope to see you soon.

Your former student,
Monica Sanchez

# # #

Dear Daily Sentinel,

In third grade, I had the most wonderful teacher. Her name was Mrs. McMartin. She was always a happy and cheerful person. When she was reading, it made me feel like I was in the book! My favorite book was Jennifer Murdley’s Toad. She had the perfect voice for it. She made everyone laugh at what Boofo the toad said. And when I was struggling, she always found the time to help me. Unfortunately, she’s retiring now, so I’m sad. There are many things that are wonderful about her. I want her to know how much I appreciate her.

Kendal Liden

# # #

Dear Daily Sentinel,

I have had many teachers in my life so far. All of them were great, too, but my favorite ones are the Power Three. The Power Three are Mrs. Batchelor, Mrs. Manuppella and Mrs. Hobbs, all at Thunder Mountain Elementary. I had each of these teachers three years in a row. When it was my first day of my first year with them (third grade), I was scared. I was actually crying in the morning, but all three of them made it easier for me to get through the day. Right then I knew they were teachers that really cared about me. That’s why the Power Three are still my favorite teachers.

Thank you.
Asjha Grigsby

# # #


Barb Atkins, a retired teacher, explains why she asked her students to say thanks:




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