Email letters, August 9, 2011

Too many wet blankets holding us back

Where’s the quick fix? Sorry, the first step is to realize there isn’t a quick fix. Soon after President Obama took office I said it takes suffering through one far-left president in each generation in order to realize how harmful they can be to our economy. This time is going to be even more painful because he followed a spendthrift Republican president.

Soaring debt and unemployment are only the tip of the iceberg. ObamaCare is going to cost twice what the president assured us it would cost. The EPA has its thousands of bureaucrats laboring day and night weaving heavy wet blankets to kill any growth in development of our domestic energy production. Financial reform did nothing to protect us from those monsters too big to fail, like Fanny and Freddie, but throws a wet blanket on smaller financial institutions and small businesses can’t get loans. Add to that what the Labor Relations Board is doing to kill business expansion. Can you see the iceberg?

The liberal contempt for our tried-and-true way of creating wealth is undeniable. The good news is our backbone of capitalism is not broken and as soon as those wet blankets are removed we will grow and prosper again. I trust Americans to take back America.


Democrats are now the Tear Party

In 2009, the Democratic-controlled Congress passed Obamacare and the stimulus, but would not pass a budget (the Tea Party was not in existence). In 2010, the Democratic-controlled Congress kept spending money we did not have and still refused to pass a budget (the Tea Party had no elected members).

In 2011, the Tea Party endorsed and got elected about 10 percent of the members of Congress, asked to control the spending to help limit the debt. Now according to all the talking heads of the left, the credit rating drop is solely the fault of the Tea Party.

Sounds like we now have a new party, the Tear Party from the left.

Grand Junction

Budget deal will not help deficit spending

What a joke this new budget deal is that Congress and the president signed.
Only with government math and deception can you call an increase a decrease in spending. With their twisted logic it works like this: If you were scheduled to have an increase of 8 percent, and now you agree to an increase of only 6 percent, they call this a “cut” in spending even though spending will actually go up 6 percent.
The bottom line is that we will continue to have trillion-dollar-plus deficits as far as the eye can see. And believe it or not, our great leaders in Washington D.C. have the nerve to call this progress.
We cannot continue to borrow 40 cents of every dollar spent and expect to survive as a viable economy and society. Only an economic illiterate could believe otherwise. Obama and company are spending us into oblivion.
Fortunately, we do have a very viable solution to this mess. It has been put forth by Florida Congressman Connie Mack with over 40 co-sponsors and it’s quite simple. All we have to do is cut a real 1 percent per year for 6 years from the already grossly bloated Obama budget of 2011. In eight years, we will have a balanced budget. You can read about the plan at: and click on the Lincoln quote.
And of course, it goes without saying that it’s imperative that next year we vote out the unmitigated disaster and embarrassment that currently sits in the White House.

Ballots should not be printed in Spanish

The Aug. 8 front page article stating that several counties, and maybe the entire state of Colorado (and I suppose other states as well), may be required by the federal Voting Rights Act to provide ballots in Spanish. I know this is old news since the Voting Rights Act has been around since 1965 but the headline got my attention.

The very idea of printing ballots in languages other than English is absurd — if you can’t understand a ballot printed in English, you can’t be a legitimate citizen in any true sense of the word, because you obviously can’t understand the basic laws of the land. Indeed, part of the citizenship test is the ability to read and understand at least simple English.I know because my daughter-in-law, who is from England, had to pass an English test to become a United States citizen.

There is no excuse for printing ballots in Spanish, or any other language, and the sooner we end this foolishness the better. It is long past time to put to rest the failed concept of “diversity through multiculturalism” and return to the concept of “unity by assimilation in a melting pot.” The motto “E Pluribus Unum” has two connotations — “one nation out of many states,” and “one people and culture out of many nationalities and cultures.” Multicultural diversity is divisive and destructive, not assimilating and uniting. If you agree with this you need to write to your representatives and demand a change in the law.
If one reader were president

When I grow up, I want to be president.

I will start with a “going home” by bringing all our troops home to secure our borders, send all illegal (illegal means illegal) immigrants home. I will send all czars, at least one-half of the House and Congress and all “non-essential” government employees home.

Then I will send all state-collected taxes to the federal government to secure our borders and all the federal-collected taxes to the states to run their own business. I will institute a “no work, no eat” policy — if you are able bodied, you can at least pick up trash before collecting the dole.

All elected officials must stay on task. It will be illegal to campaign for office until the last month before an election. I will mandate that this is the United States of America, speak English and salute our flag, if “In God We Trust” offends you, get over it. That should be a good start.

Grand Junction

High-speed lifts will bring higher prices and poorer quality skiing

As someone who has really enjoyed skiing at Powderhorn almost every year since it first opened, I want to congratulate and say thank you to Andy Daly and his fellow investors. Powderhorn, while not perfect, is truly a treasure and we are very lucky to have such a fun place so close to home.

It is so fun that even though I have skied all but about five of the ski areas in Colorado and have skied in Idaho, Utah and Wyoming, I have not skied anywhere else but Powderhorn in the last six years.

An editorial congratulating the new owners listed several improvements that The Daily Sentinel hoped would be made, chief among them were improvements in the lifts. I agree the lifts can be tedious but high-speed lifts are not the solution. Powderhorn is simply too small to bear the extra traffic and the result would be Copper Mountain-boilerplate on all the groomed runs and no powder left by 11 a.m. on the ungroomed runs or the trees. In addition, high-speed lifts require a lot of maintenance which will drive up costs. Higher lift prices and poorer quality skiing — no thanks.

I’m sure the new owners want to have a successful and profitable Powderhorn, as do I. If they do well maybe I can get in another 25 years of fun on a very fine small ski area. With that in mind and a little humor as well, I’d like to suggest a no cost way to increase the number of skiers at Powderhorn.

Instead of the daily snow report touting 6 inches of snow in the last 24 hours, change it to say we’ve saved and created 12 inches of snow in the last 24 hours. It sounds better and of course no one could challenge what can’t be measured. It’s worked for a president, why not a ski area?

Good luck to Andy Daly and Powderhorn, I can’t wait until they open.

Grand Junction

It’s time for Obama to take the lead

Americans contribute $150,000 during their lifetime to Medicare, but consume $300,000 worth of Medicare services. Medicare is the biggest contributor to the alarming growth expected in the federal debt in coming years.

If nothing is done, the United States will reach a level of indebtedness which will be catastrophic for the economy. President Obama agrees with this assessment. But what is he doing about it? Where is his plan to address the issue?

Republican representative Paul Ryan has submitted a thoughtful and comprehensive proposal to fix Medicare and put it on fiscally sound basis. His plan has been the subject of intense criticism, but his critics refuse to come up with a counter proposal.

Why is the president not putting forth a comprehensive plan of his own? Why is he not taking the lead on this issue? Is he planning to run for re-election without letting voters know just exactly how he plans to fix the biggest problem we face today? Why isn’t the media pushing the president to give us his plan? Why aren’t his supporters curious about what he intends to do if re-elected?

It’s time to be a leader, Mr. President.

Grand Junction


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