Email letters, Nov. 21, 2011

Real tea partiers don’t blindly follow any political parties

GJ Result is the original tea party that organized the first rally with about 3,000 people attending in Grand Junction on April 15, 2009. They as “bomb throwers” have not yet decided who they will endorse in the coming election. Party affiliation (or lack thereof) will have nothing to do with their selection. I am sure they will interview all candidates before deciding, much like Ms. Haun and Kelly Sloan did for an hour with third party candidate Tisha Casida.

GJ Result endorsed other Republican candidates in the last election and when they won the Republican Party refused to back their own party candidates. Now once again we are being told we have to vote for the candidate the Republican Party picks for us.

WSCA is an arm of the Republican Party, not a ea party. The WSCA was a “GOP elephant in rhino clothes that did not fit well.” Said Dan Maes in his book “Running without cowboy boots.”

Ms. Haun, a handmaiden for WSCA, alludes to the original tea party here in Grand Junction as an “ornery cabal” and “disgruntled rabble who claim the tea party label” when in fact it is the WSCA who is claiming a label of tea party that they do not and never did have.

Richard Schoenradt registered with the Secretary of State for an organization called Western Colorado Tea Party. Have you every heard of them? No, they only got the designation a few days before the WSCA endorsed Scott Tipton as a Tea Party candidate.

Thus they gave the impression that WSCA was the tea party doing the endorsing. WCTP was formed by four people, Richard and Theresa Schoenradt and Jennifer and Gary Bailey. At the time, Jennifer was being paid by the Tipton campaign and after the election Richard was hired by Tipton.

People with real tea party values are not interested in blindly supporting any political party. People are looking for honest people who will be accountable to them and will not go along to get along so they can be re-elected and use their positions to enrich themselves and their friends.

Grand Junction

Congress working against raising nutrition standards

The recent move by Congress compromising the USDA’s efforts to improve food school requirements — and with it the health of our children — is very disappointing.

The goal of the proposed nutrition guidelines, which are required by the Healthy, Hunger Free Kids Act that Congress passed last year, was to make school meals healthier by increasing fruits and vegetables, whole grains and low-fat milk, while setting limits on calories, salt and unhealthy fats. While the proposed revisions were not a magic bullet to address the childhood obesity epidemic, they did constitute a step in the right direction. Now it is up to us on an individual and community level to ensure efforts to fight childhood obesity and promote healthy living continue with positive momentum.

Regardless of political views, we can all agree that feeding our children healthier food is a win-win-win for families, schools and communities. Schools play a vital role in the nutrition children receive and the eating habits they develop. We know that improving school food is a sustainable and effective way to offer improved access to healthy foods for Colorado’s children.

LiveWell Colorado believes that we all share the responsibility of preventing childhood obesity through promoting and ensuring healthy eating and active living in the places our children live, learn and play. Now, it is more critical than ever to support local efforts to improve school nutrition throughout our state.

We applaud schools that are already proactively working to provide more fresh foods and healthier options and encourage them to continue their efforts. Farm to School Programs, like those in Durango, Alamosa and Fort Collins, deliver healthy food in an economically sustainable manner. School gardens, similar to those at Denver- and Colorado Springs-area schools, teach kids the value of fresh vegetables. And, LiveWell Colorado’s Culinary Boot Camps that help teach scratch cooking in school districts like Greeley, Aurora and Montrose empower school food services programs to create healthier options for children.

While Congress may be unraveling school meal nutrition standards on the federal level, we urge communities to stay the course at home. For information and tools to continue progress toward healthier school initiatives, visit

MAREN STEWART, President and CEO
LiveWell Colorado

Middle school fundraiser was a success

I’m sending a heartfelt thanks to all of the people who attended the Nov. 16 Redlands Middle School fundraiser. The turnout was fantastic and the school raised $5,442. This is exciting because the money earned will contribute directly to paying important school expenses. I and my fellow students appreciate those who stopped by to gobble up chili and participate in the silent auction. Thank you for being a great community and supporting our education.

Grand Junction

Who is Wall Street anyway?

I read that these “Occupy” protestors want to be rid of Wall Street. Well, who is Wall Street but millions of retirees who invested their retirement in IRAs or mutual funds so they can have a comfortable life after working for many years, (like me) and young couples looking forward to their golden years.

It is also growing companies who need funds to expand and hire more people. They also demand the banks forgive loans of students who apparently took basket weaving 101 and now cannot get a good job or flat do not want to live up to their commitment to repay what they got.

Well again, who are these “banks” who should forgive this money? It is every person who has any bank account and would like to keep their funds and not pay loans for young people who think we own them something. I paid my student loan and was grateful for the help in getting an education in a field I loved. With only a GED and a few years community college, I can see how absurd this all is.

Grand Junction

Beauprez placing blame in the wrong place

Kudos to Charles Ashby for reporting on former U.S. Rep. Bob Beauprez.  He pointed out in his article that Mr. Beauprez blamed the Democrats for not stopping a Republican president for increasing the deficit.  It reminds me of a 10 year old blaming his babysitter for allowing him to get sick by eating too much candy.


Blog commenters are quick to judge without all the facts

“Execute the punk.” “The boy should be hung at sunrise.” “Stupid kid your party is over rot in prison.” These were a few of many comments posted on local blogs in October in response to the death of Darinda Brown who was struck by a Chevy Suburban driven by my nephew, Joey Weixel. The loss of Darinda Brown’s life is tragic and every member of my family, particularly Joey, couldn’t feel more remorseful. Joey still cries about her death. What could be worse for a kind person than taking a life?

I believe that these comments were, in part, motivated by a statement from the Sheriff’s Department: “We suspect that alcohol or drugs were involved and will investigate.” At the time of the accident, Joey passed the breathalyzer test. He was on his way to conduct community service on his day off.

This week, my sister shared with me that the toxicology reports are back and show that Joey was not under the influence of any illegal substance. He made an error in judgment that cost a dear woman and her family her life and his own adult freedom. Joey asked bystanders to call 911 before he began CPR on Ms. Brown. He continued breathing for her until officials came. He did not drink or do drugs and drive; he did not hit and run; he could not be more devastated.

I’m thankful that we take the time to do investigations before we allow punishment. This is a sweet kid who would never intentionally harm any living being. This is a tragic situation which is likely to take two innocent lives and has impacted two families, not just one. Blog responders should please wait until they get the facts before they judge. Isn’t the loss of one person tragic enough?

Santa Barbara, Calif.

Ramunno was an asset to CMU

A recent Daily Sentinel article on Joe Ramunno’s resignation resigning proved interesting to read between the lines.

At a time education is being cut, along with programs that actually bring kids to school, keep them in school and help give them skills for living, it is interesting to see that coaches and teachers are the ones blamed for lack of production.

When test results are not 100 percent, or the school has not won the super trophy in a sport, that teacher or that coach suddenly is pushed to go elsewhere, and the institution comes out smelling like a rose.

Maybe I am wrong, maybe Joe Ramunno wanted to retire, with four state high school championships, six winning Maverick seasons, two RMAC titles, three appearances in the NCAA playoffs and the first RMAC team to win an NCAA Division II playoff game, but knowing him, I don’t think so. Working with youth is in his blood. It is him.

Todd Casebier was the only one who told it like it is, when at the end of the article he is quoted as saying,  “I know what it was like for Joe and his scholarship situation. (Mesa) will probably make it better for the next guy. To me, if you want a program to succeed, you need to find funds and he didn’t have the funds. Money is the name of the game. I feel bad for him (Joe).”

And there you have it, folks, money does make a difference in academics as well as in sports that bring up attendance, necessary for learning, at the college level, money for that institution, as well as the drawing factor for higher numbers of student enrollment.

The Sentinel recently published a front page article on Clifton Elementary, a failing school who received a three year grant of over $800,000 to solve their problems, attendance, lack of parenting knowledge, low scores and apathy. Receiving actual, real training and mentoring using goodness master teachers from all over the United States paid off. That money and the hard work and spirit of the Clifton Elementary faculty paid off royally as in one year they’ve passed all expectations.

Joe Romanno’s resignation is a true loss to Colorado Mesa University. An actual, real gentleman, his example will live on.

There are not many football coaches who garner my respect, but Joe does. Thus the question, exactly what kind of individuals will we create for America’s future? Thanks to the poor visions of those in power, the governor, the Legislature and the federal Congress is distressing.

Continued subsidies for the already filthy rich energy companies have to cease. The tax breaks for the very wealthy, (gifts of Bush administration) and continued by greedy Republican millionaire congressmen, must end.

Our educational system, and who controls it, will be the answer.



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