Email letters, Sept. 8, 2011

West Slope overlooked because of the tea party

In response to The Daily Sentinel editorial of Sept. 7 I think I can clear up any confusion regarding Western Slope and other rural areas being overlooked when choosing representation for the Education Leadership Council. The fact that the Western Slope and most rural areas of Colorado are overwhelmingly Republican and to a large degree Tea Party Republican.

These people have become known as the party of no. In many states, they have passed legislation limiting public workers right to collectively negotiate. Many believe, like myself, this is the first step to privatize the public school system.

The Education Leadership Council is to be tasked with making progress with the resolution of the problems facing public education in Colorado. The inclusion of the party of no would be counter productive. I can certainly understand why folks are disturbed with being shunned by those mean old Front Range Democrats. But, the fact is, Tea Party no sayers have brought this on yourselves. Like New Jersey Gov. Cristie says, “I’m tired of pandering to the crazies.”

Grand Junction

Taxpayers can’t afford Forest Service excess

This letter is written as a response to the Forest Service’s request for public comment on San
Juan Lands.
Today’s government agencies, like the Forest Service, that oversee public lands are packed with a large number of environmental sympathetic employees who think they are preserving the future by keeping the public off the lands that in fact, citizens own.  The Forest Service continues to block access roads as a measure of “preservation,” but allow the roads to be destroyed during hunting seasons that generate revenue.  This is ridiculous. 
In 2010, the cost passed on to consumers for oil, gas and coal regulations and mandates enforced by the government, totaled $1.3 trillion dollars.  I request the government to go out and find all the drill holes drilled in western Colorado over the last 50 years?  They would discover the environmental impact was negligible. 
Drilling, like mining can be accomplished safely and our country needs energy. 
Does your Cortez, Colorado Forest Service office has an expensive exercise room with weights just like they do here in Norwood, Colorado?  Federal and state employees should join the exercise club just like private citizens do. This elitist attitude will come to an end in the coming years of forced budget cuts. Our nation needs energy and we need to stop importing energy from foreigners.  Taxpayers are getting smarter. 

On Aug. 26, I saw a BLM employee looking through the bolt bin in the local hardware store.  The government vehicle (Ford Excursion) assigned to him was in front of the store running.  Why?  He had a dog inside and the air conditioner was required.  Someone in the store asked to see the dog and he brought it in.  He explained it was bred by select German parents, raised in Florida, trained in Ohio and sent to him.  I asked why he had it and he explained the dog was for finding lost people and drug raids.  I asked if the dog has found anyone and he said, “No.”  Has it busted anyone?  “No.”  It’s the third dog that this BLM handler has had and the $65,000 vehicle has a special cage, radios, telephones, navigation equipment.  Fact:  U.S. taxpayers can not afford this. 

I paid over $72,000 in taxes last year and it didn’t even pay for this single BLM employee and a dog.  Government spending is out of control and it makes me out of control.  Drilling can be accomplished responsibly. 


Who are the tea party?

After watching the presidential primary debate, it’s obvious the tea party wing of the Republican party is in firm ideological control, at least for the time being. But just who are these people?

Since shortly after its emergence, a number of academics have been studying those who claim adherence to the tea party’s philosophy. Their findings are interesting.

For instance, tea partiers tend to generally be older, white, wealthier and more likely to be evangelical. They are also more likely than other Republicans to be registered to vote, to have contacted a public official or to have donated to a campaign.

In addition, the research indicates tea party supporters are more likely to be “reactionary” conservatives who strongly oppose change.

Of particular interest is research regarding the oft-repeated charge by some that the tea party harbors racist tendencies.

In a research paper entitled “Partisan Polarization and the Rise of the Tea Party Movement,” Alan Abramowitz of Emory University states:

“In a multivariate analysis, racial resentment and dislike of Barack Obama, along with conservatism, emerged as the most important factors contributing to support for the Tea Party movement.”

Part of me wants the grown-ups within the Republican Party to succeed in nominating a moderate to run in 2012; but part of me delights in the possibility the tea party will nominate one of their own, thereby assuring the re-election of Barack Obama.

Grand Junction

Republican candidates were upbeat and positive

I do not have MSNBC on Dish Network. I was able to watch the debate on the Internet through It was a spirited debate with some differing ideas on how to solve the many problems the government and the people have in these difficult times.

There was not one Republican candidate who was disrespectful or that portrayed a negative view of our country or American corporations. I would trust any of the Republican candidates to do a better job of solving the nation’s problems than President Obama. They were upbeat, not negative about America, they explained what private business can do given the opportunity and direction to solve the unemployment problems without government bailouts.

I hope President Obama was watching and will try to adopt a positive viewpoint of the people and businesses of America.

Grand Junction

Don’t for get Sept. 17

Yes, we need to remember Sept. 11, but we also need to remember Sept. 17. Why? The battle of Antietam in 1862.

History recordes that over 7,000 Americans were killed that day. The most in any one day in history. No, those mean old Muslims didn’t have anything to do with it. It was those white Christian boys shooting those other white Christian boys over the right to keep black people slaves.

Grand Junction


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