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Winter track club helps Fruita's Hunt, GJ's Jackson succeed in jumping events

Grand Junction’s Whitney Jackson put in work over the winter on improving her jumps and it has shown in the results this season. Jackson will participate in the long jump and the triple jump this weekend at the Class 5A state track and field meet in Lakewood.

Fruita Monument’s Niki Hunt put in work over the winter on improving her jumps and it has shown in the results this season. Hunt will compete in the triple jump this weekend at the Class 5A state track and field meet in Lakewood.

Rifle’s Joey Kuheim will compete in the shot put, where she is seeded second, and the discus at this weekend’s state track and field meet.


State Track Qualifiers

State Meet is May 16-18 at Jefferson County Stadium, Lakewood

Name, school, year, time/distance, seed

Class 5A Boys

Shot put — Deshaun Harris, Grand Junction, sr., 54-7, fifth; Michael McKnight, Grand Junction, 47-8, 15th.

Discus — Deshaun Harris, Grand Junction, sr., 153-8, sixth.

Long jump — Robert Harrison, Grand Junction, 21-8.5, seventh.

3,200 — Greg Eccher, Grand Junction, 9:44.85, 11th.

Class 5A Girls

300 hurdles — Michaela Hoffman, Fruita Monument, 46.79, 17th.

Long jump — Whitney Jackson, Grand Junction, sr., 17-7.5, ninth.

Triple jump — Whitney Jackson, Grand Junction, sr., 36-5.75, sixth; Niki Hunt, Fruita Monument, sr., 36-3.5, seventh.

High jump — Madison Marsh, Grand Junction, jr., 5-2, six-way tie for 13th.

Shot put — Brailyn Reddick, Central, sr., 36-10.25, ninth; Jenna Soukup, Fruita Monument, sr., 36-4, 12th.

400 relay — Grand Junction, 49.99, 14th; Fruita Monument, 50.09, 15th.

Class 4A Boys

Shot put — Brayden Smith, Rifle, jr., 48-0, 15th.

High jump — Chance Jackson, Palisade, jr., 6-1; Chris Black, Delta, sr., 6-1, four-way tie for 18th.

300 hurdles — Chris Black, Delta, sr., 38.85, sixth.

800 — Aaron Wagler, Rifle, sr., 1:58.48, 10th.

400 — Aaron Wagler, Rifle, sr., 50.02, ninth.

Class 4A Girls

Discus — Joey Kuheim, Rifle, sr., 139-0, third; Brittany Neuroth, Rifle, jr., 120-5, 14th.

Shot put — Joey Kuheim, Rifle, sr., 43-1, second; Bryanna Music, Delta, jr., 38-7.75 eighth.

High jump — Callie Gafford, Delta, sr. 5-1; Brooke White, Montrose, jr., 5-1, eight-way tie for 16th.

3,200 relay — Delta, 9:44.63, sixth.

1,600 relay — Montrose, 4:08.51, 15th.

300 hurdles — Abi Grace McGee, Montrose, soph., 46.17, third; Brooke White, Montrose, jr., 46.58, sixth; Ashlynn Replogle, Montrose, jr., 47.91, 13th.

100 hurdles — Abi Grace McGee, Montrose, soph, 15.47, sixth; Brooke White, Montrose, jr., 16.25, 12th.

3,200 — Greta Van Calcar, Palisade, fr., 10:50.33, second; Cleo Whiting, Delta, sr., 11:16.63, third; Clarissa Whiting, Delta, sr., 11:19.04, fourth.

1,600 — Greta Van Calcar, Palisade, fr., 5:07.29, third; Cleo Whiting, Delts, sr., 5:09.45, fifth; Clarissa Whiting, Delta, sr., 5:14.4, eighth.

800 — Dana Shellhorn, Montrose, sr., 2:16.63, seventh.

200 — Skylyn Webb, Delta, sr., 25.81, seventh; Angela Gordon, Palisade, sr., 26.37, 16th.

Class 3A Boys

Discus — Austin Williams, Cedaredge, soph., 146-11, fourth.

Shot put — Austin Williams, Cedaredge, soph., 51-2, first.

Triple jump — Benjamin Coleman, Grand Valley, 42-5.5, fourth.

Long jump — Reid Gates, Cedaredge, jr., 21-9.25, third; Russell Harris, Olathe, sr., 20-6, fifth.

High jump — Reid Gates, Cedaredge, jr., 6-8, first; Shane Gates, Cedaredge, fr., 6-2, three-way tie for eighth.

1,600 relay — Cedaredge, 3:38.67, 14th; Grand Valley, 3:38.79, 15th.

800 relay — Cedaredge, 1:34.37, 14th.

400 relay — Cedaredge, 44.55, fourth.

300 hurdles — Dante Markley, Cedaredge, sr., 39.84, third.

110 hurdles — Dante Markley, Cedaredge, sr., 15.54, sixth; Benjamin Coleman, Grand Valley, soph., 16.5, 14th.

200 — Dante Markley, Cedaredge, sr., 22.89, eighth.

100 — Reid Gates, Cedaredge, jr., 11.36, 10th.

Class 3A Girls

Discus — Kaitlyn Kissner, Cedaredge, jr., 110-1, ninth; Micaela Shaw, Cedaredge, jr., 101-5, 17th.

Triple jump — Katie Nelson, Olathe, soph., 33-7.75, eighth; Rachael Latta, Cedaredge, sr., 33-2.25, ninth; Rebecca Deal, Cedaredge, jr., 32-6.25, 14th.

Long jump — Rachael Latta, Cedaredge, sr., 16-11.25, fifth; Rebecca Deal, Cedaredge, jr., 16-2.25, 11th.

High jump — Kenzie Henderson, Cedaredge, fr., 5-0, three-way tie for fifth; Rocio Roman, Grand Valley, sr., 4-10, seven-way tie for 13th

800 medley relay — Cedaredge, 1:54.61, seventh; Olathe, 1:58.13, 16th.

3,200 relay — Cedaredge, 10:09.08, sixth.

1,600 relay — Cedaredge, 4:10.84, fourth.

800 relay — Cedaredge, 1:47.56, fifth.

400 relay — Olathe, 53.45, 18th.

300 hurdles — Rocio Roman, Grand Valley, sr., 46.73, fourth; Kalie Hubbard, Olathe, jr., 49.57, 10th; Kenzie Henderson, Cedaredge, fr., 50.18, 12th.

100 hurdles — Rocio Roman, Grand Valley, sr., 16.3, sixth; Kalie Hubbard, Olathe, jr., 17.19, 12th.

1,600 — Nellie Freeman, Cedaredge, fr., 5:28.16, ninth.

800 — Nellie Freeman, Cedaredge, fr., 2:23.52, fourth; Rocio Roman, Grand Valley, sr., 2:26.01, 15th.

400 — Mackenzie Kehmeier, Cedaredge, soph., 1:00.9, ninth.

200 — Mackenzie Kehmeier, Cedaredge, soph., 26.88, 10th.

100 — Kendall McHugh, Cedaredge, fr., 13.06, ninth; Summer Herman, Cedaredge, jr., 13.19, 13th.

Class 2A Boys

Discus — Mason Oxford, Hotchkiss, sr., 137-8, fifth; Morgan Rieder, Paonia, sr., 124-4, 17th.

Shot put — Tony Darling, Paonia, jr., 45-7, fourth; Josh Kimball, Paonia, soph., 41-4, 13th.

Triple jump — Keegan Palmer, Hotchkiss, sr., 43-3, first; Ben Linnell, Paonia, jr. 40-8.75, ninth; Tala Atoafa, Meeker, sr., 40-8, 11th.

Long jump — Taylor Walters, Paonia, fr., 20-9.75, second; River Panish, Hotchkiss, soph., 19-11.5, ninth.

High jump — Ben Linnell, Paonia, jr., 5-10, nine-way tie for 14th.

3,200 relay — Hotchkiss, 8:18.46, first; Paonia, 8:45.91, ninth; Meeker, 8:53.64, 15th.

1,600 relay — Hotchkiss, 3:32.14, third; Paonia, 3:38.67, ninth.

800 relay — Meeker, 1:35.97, 10th; Hotchkiss, 1:36.15, 11th.

400 relay — Meeker, 45.74, sixth; Hotchkiss, 46.57, 15th.

300 hurdles — William Austin, Paonia, jr., 43.48, 10th; Cameron Van Vleet, Paonia, fr., 45.06, 18th.

110 hurdles — Tala Atoafa, Meeker, sr., 16.23, sixth; William Austin, Paonia, jr., 17.5, 17th.

3,200 — Jason Sturgis, Paonia, jr., 10:21.85, 13th; Kurt Katzdorn, Hotchkiss, sr., 10:30.61, 17th.

1,600 — Cody Bartlett, Hotchkiss, sr., 4:31.41, second; Andrew Tiedemann, Hotchkiss, soph., 4:31.79, third; Jason Sturgis, Paonia, jr., 4:45.14, 18th.

800 — Cody Bartlett, Hotchkiss, sr., 1:59.79, first; Andrew Tiedemann, Hotchkiss, soph., 2:02.72, third; Jeramiah Hillman, Paonia, fr., 2:05.0, eighth; Jacob Helleckson, Paonia, sr., 2:06.52, 14th.

400 — Alex Smith, Hotchkiss, soph., 51.67, third.

200 — Trenton Shelton, Meeker, fr., 23.31, seventh.

100 — Trenton Shelton, Meeker, fr., 11.46, sixth.

Class 2A Girls

Discus — Taylor Carsten, Paonia, fr., 119-3, second; Kylie Hodges, Hotchkiss, sr., 115-1, seventh; Bailey Atwood, Meeker, sr., 108-6, 13th; Daryl Batt, Hotchkiss, sr., 106-9, 17th.

Shot put — Morgan Hartigan, Paonia, soph., 39-7.75, second; Bailey Atwood, Meeker, sr., 36-4, fourth; Taylor Carsten, Paonia, fr., 35-10, sixth; Kylie Hodges, Hotchkiss, sr., 35-0.5, eighth; Ohana Mataia, Meeker, jr., 32-9.5, 15th.

Triple jump — Sydney Hughes, Meeker, soph., 34-0, sixth; Ce’rra Carsten, Paonia, sr., 33-7.75, eighth; Easton Hartigan, Paonia, soph., 33-7.5, 10th.

Long jump — Brooklynd Erickson, Paonia, soph., 16-7 second; Easton Hartigan, Paonia, soph., 15-4.75, 15th.

High jump — Ce’rra Carsten, Paonia, sr., 5-0, four-way tie for seventh.

800 medley relay — Paonia, 1:53.28, second; Hotchkiss, 1:54.6, fifth.

3,200 relay — Paonia, 9:51.91, second; Hotchkiss, 9:52.21, third.

1,600 relay — Paonia, 4:06.61, first; Hotchkiss, 4:09.75, second.

800 relay — Hotchkiss, 1:45.79, first; Paonia, 1:48.98, fifth.

400 relay — Paonia, 51.16, first; Meeker 52.67, eighth; Hotchkiss 54.04, 17th.

300 hurdles — Morgan Hartigan, Paonia, soph., 48.69, fourth; Taylor Polson, Paonia, jr., 48.8, fifth; Chelsy Reed, Paonia, sr., 50.27, tied for 15th; Sydney Hughes, Meeker, soph., 50.27, tied for 15th.

100 hurdles — Aly Ridings, Meeker, jr., 17.01, 11th; Sydney Hughes, Meeker, soph., 17.24, 16th.

3,200 — Natalie Anderson, Hotchkiss, sr., 11:50.18, fourth; Mae Anderson, Hotchkiss, fr., 12:11.16, sixth; Taylor Polson, Paonia, jr., 12:16.83, eighth; Deon Jensen, Paonia, fr., 12:45.75, 14th; Chelsea Meilner, Paonia, fr., 12:48.55, 15th.

1,600 — Natalie Anderson, Hotchkiss, sr., 5:18.97, fourth; Mae Anderson, Hotchkiss, fr., 5:35.31, sixth; Chelsea Meilner, Paonia, fr., 5:47.56, 12th.

800 — Jennifer Celis, Hotchkiss, sr., 2:13.1, first; Ashley Van Vleet, Paonia, fr., 2:18.66, third.

400 — Jennifer Celis, Hotchkiss, sr., 56.8, first; Ashley Van Vleet, Paonia, fr., 58.23, third; Lindsay Russell, Paonia, sr., 59.73, sixth; Taylor Plymale, Paonia, soph., 1:03.4, 15th; Linda Olivas, Meeker, soph., 1:03.42, 16th.

200 — Kelli Buhrdorf, Hotchkiss, sr., 26.86, ninth; Lindsay Russell, Paonia, sr., 26.98, 10th; Marisa Edmondson, Paonia, fr., 27.08, 11th.

100 — Kelli Buhrdorf, Hotchkiss, sr., 13.03, fifth; Linda Olivas, Meeker, soph., 13.4, 15th.

Class 1A Boys

Discus — Fernando Enriquez, Plateau Valley, sr., 130-5, seventh.

Shot put — Fernando Enriquez, Plateau Valley, sr., 44-3, fourth.

Class 1A Girls

Discus — Morgan Hightower, Plateau Valley, fr., 95-6, fourth.

Long jump — Audrey Rose Kachin, Plateau Valley, soph., 15-3, fourth.

High jump — Miranda Schowalter, Plateau Valley, fr., 4-8, ninth.

400 — Audrey Rose Kachin, Plateau Valley, soph., 1:03.24, second.

200 — Audrey Rose Kachin, Plateau Valley, soph., 28.05, fifth.

Whitney Jackson and Niki Hunt are headed to state with high hopes.

The two seniors’ quest for winning Class 5A state track and field medals started long ago. But this season, the work put in during the winter has led to big results this spring for the pair.

Both were involved with Sean Mulvey’s Grand Valley Thunderbird Winter Track Club.

Jackson, from Grand Junction High School, said the club prepared her for the season and has her peaking at the right time.

“When you get to the end of the high school season, you feel like you should have a few more meets, so (the club) gives you a good head start,” she said.

Jackson had a stellar performance at the Southwestern League Championships over the weekend, winning the long jump and the triple jump. On Saturday, she soared to a personal best in the triple jump at 36 feet, 5.75 inches. That mark has her ranked sixth in the state, and she is ranked ninth in the long jump.

Hunt, who attends Fruita Monument, placed second in the triple jump and third in the long jump. She will be competing at state in the triple jump and has the seventh best mark this season, a couple of inches behind Jackson.

Speaking before Saturday’s long jump finals, Hunt said the club was a tremendous help.

“(The season) has gone really, really well. I’ve improved immensely. Winter track really helped,” she said.

Mulvey, who is the head football coach at Fruita Monument, also coaches the jumpers at the school. He may be a Fruita Monument coach, but he also coaches Jackson during the track season.

“It’s a unique situation, but it’s all about the kids,” he said. “We just want them to succeed, and anything we can do to achieve that is all that matters.”

Mulvey said he approached the Grand Junction coaches with the idea, and they had no problem with the arrangement. The coaches are careful not to overtrain the athletes and are always communicating with one another.

Mulvey said he was approached by Jackson and her mom, Kelly, to help with training during the winter months. That’s where the track club got started. He said he had about eight athletes this past winter, mostly jumpers.

For Hunt, this is just her second year on the track team.

“I was kind of bored sitting at home doing nothing,” she said with a laugh. “I have so much energy that I needed to find something to do.”

She smiles when she talks about her athletic limitations.

“I needed to find something that didn’t involve eye-hand coordination, and track sounded good,” Hunt said.

So, she jumped into track. Before track, Hunt’s boundless energy focused on gymnastics.

Mulvey said gymnasts make great track athletes, adding, “Kids that do gymnastics are really disciplined and very hard workers, and that’s what Niki is.”

The personal connection between Jackson and Hunt goes back much further than working together in winter track.

“We’ve been friends since fourth grade,” Hunt said.

The two drifted apart when Jackson switched to Grand Junction, but they’ve reconnected now that they both compete in track.

“We’re both the same,” Jackson said. “We can be competitive, really competitive but not be mean to each other. Then a little later, we’re friends again.”

Hunt agrees wholeheartedly.

“It’s cool because we both push each other really hard,” she said. “Both of us are like, ‘I want to beat you, but I want you to do really good, too.’ “

The two have been two of the best jumpers on the Western Slope all season, and both will contend for state medals.

During competition, it’s easy to see the determined focus of each. The time for friendship is put on hold as all the energy and drive is wound tightly into one goal — victory.

Then afterwards, when the final jump is over, they are no long competitors.

“It’s nice to have competition but still have a friend,” Jackson said.

The 5A girls long jump is scheduled for Thursday and the triple jump Saturday in Lakewood.


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