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Keep your garden spectacular all season long

By Erin McIntyre

One of the things I’ve always struggled with as a gardener is maintaining a wide variety of flowering plants over the course of a season. Something should always be blooming, whether it’s spring or approaching fall. This is ...


Attack of the killer tomato problems!

By Erin McIntyre

It always seems that as soon as the tomatoes start to ripen, the tomato problems start. After all this anticipation, it’s a real disappointment to have a gorgeous green tomato ripen for weeks and then … ugh. Nasty tomato hornworms ...

There’s not a lot you can do to extend salvia bloom

By Dennis Hill

Last year, we planted about eight dark blue, beautiful salvia plants. The flowers on the spikes that were fully clad in gorgeous purple flowers are now starting to wane a bit, and only the tips of the spikes remain deep purple. I would love ...


Life with chickens, 
one year later

By Erin McIntyre

The chickens really couldn’t care less, but it’s their birthdays. Yes, the Chicken Five are 1 year old! I’m celebrating, because this is important. I tried to make them celebrate, too, but they are immune to the joys of ...

Sycamore’s peeling bark nothing to worry about

By Dennis Hill

Help! I think my sycamore tree has borers. The leaves are fine and the tree looks good, but the bark is peeling off in big pieces all over my yard. What’s going on, and how can I stop it? — Catherine Though I can understand your ...

Best way to get rid of unwanted elm tree?

By Dennis Hill

I have a butterfly bush that, all of a sudden, has an elm tree starting to grow in the center of it. What is the best way to get rid of the elm tree? — Paul The best way to get rid of the elm, if it isn’t too big, is to try to ...


MAY 2014 Yard of the Month

By Staff

Help! How do I get rid of bugs in my ash tree?

By Dennis Hill

We have several clusters of bugs in our ash tree, and I was wondering if you could identify them and let me know what to do about them. The leaves of our ash tree are curled up tightly, almost into a ball, and we find these little white bugs ...


MAY 2014 Yard of the Month

By Special to the Sentinel

The Yard of the Month winners for May are Jenny and Richard Schreiner, who live at 3659 N. 15th St. The Schreiners have lived in Grand Junction for more than 30 years, and when they moved into their current home eight years ago they inherited ...

Eventual size 
of pom-pom juniper often 
your choice

By Dennis Hill

Ultimately, what will be the height and width of a pom-pom juniper? — Deb Actually, the size of a pom-pom is determined by you. You have to prune the plant regularly to maintain the shape, and in so doing you can dictate how big the ...

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