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F-A-S-T key for stroke care

By Sponsored Content

Sponsored Content: Nancy Lofholm/For St. Mary’s Medical Center Patricia Centurion Gimenez was sitting at her desk in a Montrose dental office in November when her head started spinning. She blamed the dizziness on not having eaten much. And she continued with her work. The next thing Gimenez knew, she was on the floor. She tried to call to one of her coworkers, but she couldn’t say the word “Katy.” She could only mumble through lips that had gone slack on one ...


Veterans with disabilities discover new zest for life on the slopes

By Richie Ann Ashcraft

U.S. Army veteran Sean Eddy says he only has two speeds — real fast and stop. He couldn’t wait to speed down the slopes at Powderhorn Mountain Resort at a recent ski clinic for disabled veterans, sponsored by the Grand Junction Veterans Health Care System and Colorado Discover Ability. Eddy is a recent amputee who had never skied before. “I think it will be like driving a Formula One car down a ski slope and I think I’m going to have a blast,” he said with ...


GYM: Swiss Ball Hamstring Curl

By Staff

Swiss Ball Hamstring Curl Start in a supine position with your feet resting on a Swiss ball and arms by your sides, palms facing up. Raise your hips off of the floor. Bend at your knees while simultaneously raising your hips. Return to the starting position. Repeat for 10–16 repetitions. The difficulty and benefits of this exercise can be increased by extending your arms toward the ceiling as this will require effective rotational stability. At no point should you continue if ...

Health and Wellness briefs: Jan. 31, 2017

By Staff

Sisson joins Mountain West Dermatology team Mountain West Dermatology & Aesthetics announced that Jana Sisson will join the aesthetic team of the Grand Junction-based dermatology practice alongside Dr. Amy Paul and Erin K. Larson, CLS. Sisson is a licensed medical aesthetician and skin care specialist with more than 10 years of medical office experience in laser, dermatology and plastic surgery. Sisson is a member of the Associated Skin Care Professionals. She is accepting ...

Political tensions running high? Take care of your liver

By April Schulte-Barclay

I have now had the honor of providing health guidance through the election process in four presidential elections. Obviously, I have patients on both sides of the political aisle. From my vantage point, it is certainly fair to say that passion and conviction on each side is equal. For every patient angry about the election of President Donald Trump,  another is excited about the opportunities he may provide for our country. However, patients on both sides are equally charged with ...


GYM: Swiss Ball Hamstring Curl

By Staff

Swiss Ball Hamstring Curl Start in a supine position with your heels resting on a Swiss ball. Bend at the knees and raise your hips as you bring the ball closer to you. Return to the starting position without letting your hips touch the floor. Repeat this for 10–20 repetitions. If at any time your hamstrings start to grab or cramp, STOP. This is not something you want to push through. This exercise can be made significantly more challenging by putting the palms of your hands ...

Health and Wellness briefs: Jan. 24, 2017

By Staff

Foot and Ankle Center to offer free clinic day Grand Valley Foot and Ankle Center is sponsoring a free clinic day for people experiencing foot and ankle issues. Patients will have the opportunity to meet Laura Wetstine, DPM, learn more about Grand Valley Foot and Ankle Center, and get a potential diagnosis and treatment options for their ailment. The free clinic is from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. Wednesday at Grand Valley Foot and Ankle Center, 2478 Patterson Road, Suite 1, in Grand ...


GYM: High Plank Alternate Shoulder Tap

By Staff

High Plank Alternate Shoulder Tap Start in a high plank position with a neutral spine. Hands should be under your shoulders with fingers pointed forward. Without rocking your hips, engage the external core muscles and pick up your right hand and touch your left shoulder. Return to the starting position. Repeat by touching your right shoulder with your left hand. Your hips should stay level and there should be no bend at your waist. Breathing should be natural as holding your breath ...

Solutions for the problem of missing teeth

By Sponsored Content

SPONSORED CONTENT: A Reader information feature brought to you by JP Dental and The Daily Sentinel Throughout history, people with missing teeth have been trying to find a tooth substitute that looks good and functions well. Archaelogical records show that ancient Mayans performed the very first dental implants using sea shells. Several centuries later, so many teeth were scavenged from the Battle of Waterloo in 1815 and turned into dentures that Waterloo teeth, as they became known, ...


Grieving or stressed? Plenty of help available

By April Schulte-Barclay

My son, Adam, just turned 6 years old. His sweet nature is to freely display his loving heart. Adam reflects the close bonds of our family, and in some ways he does so more authentically than anyone else in our clan. He fondly, tenderly and sincerely speaks of missing family members who are not living in Grand Junction, and even more poignantly describes how much he misses those who have passed on. Shortly after turning 5, my son lost one of the most powerful and loving forces in his ...


GYM: Winter workout

By Staff

WINTER WORKOUT Complete two rounds of each exercise.   GLIDING BACK LUNGE Stand with one foot on a Gliding Disc, paper plate or something that will stay under the foot and slide with a neutral spine. Open your shoulder and point your thumbs out to move the engagement into the back rather than the front. While maintaining an upright posture, drop back into your sliding leg then return to the starting point. As you progress you will be able to go deeper, feeling a stretch in the ...


Cancer Day aims to assist

By Sponsored Content

SPONSORED CONTENT: Nancy Lofholm/For St. Mary’s Medical Center Cancer upends lives. When cells run amok, the changes trigger weighty decisions. Personal focus shifts. Family relationships change. Time splits: There is life before- the-diagnosis, and life after. This wide-ranging struggle plays out daily at St. Mary’s Cancer Center where 800 patients were newly diagnosed with cancer last year. They joined the ranks of the two in five people who will develop cancer in their ...

Health and Wellness briefs: Jan. 10, 2017

By Staff

Medical affairs official joins team at HopeWest HopeWest announced the addition of Dr. Ellissa Tiller, MD, FAAHPM, CPE, as vice president of medical affairs. She’ll be charged with spearheading innovation within each program, enhancing patient care, and increasing hospice and palliative education in the community. Most recently, Tiller established the Sentara RMH Palliative Care Program in Harrisonburg, Virginia, and served as medical director for both hospice and palliative ...


GYM: Stabilizer workout

By Staff

STABILIZER Combine the following three exercises in a series: Do 12 per side of the Side Plank with a Dip.
Do 10 per side of the Side Plank Lateral Raise. Do 8 per side of the Side Plank Tuck to “T.” Do 8 per side of the Step, Lunge, Press With Drop Back. Then repeat the entire series. This series addresses both lateral and rotational stability, flexibility, upper body, lower body and core.   Side Plank with a Dip Start in a neutral spine, side plank ...

Yin deficiency partly to blame for many chronic diseases

By April Schulte-Barclay

When was the last time you heard yourself or someone else say, “Hey, great job for sleeping in, laying low, eating regular meals and going to bed when the sun went down today.” In today’s ramped up, fast-paced world, we tend to value productivity and resist rest and rejuvenation. We praise ourselves and others when projects are complete, business is thriving, the house and yard are clean, the kids are stimulated by activities, the Christmas cards are written, the car was ...


GYM: High Plank Dumbbell Pull Over

By Staff

High Plank Dumbbell Pull Over Start in a high plank position with a dumbbell set outside of one hand. Reach across with your opposite hand, grasp the dumbbell and pull it to the opposite side. Set the dumbbell on the floor and place your hand inside the dumbbell. Repeat on the opposite side. Continue this sequence for a total of 12 repetitions. Rest and repeat. Be sure to maintain a neutral spine. There should be no hinging at your hips or twisting. Your core should be engaged ...

Health and Wellness briefs: Dec. 27, 2016

By Staff

Woodson triple certified Community Hospital physician, Brent Woodson, DO with Advanced Pulmonary and Critical Care of the Grand Valley, earned his third board certification in November. Dr. Woodson is now triple board-certified in internal medicine, pulmonology and critical care/intensivist. He specializes in advanced pulmonary and critical care medicine. He provides consultations for individuals with diminished lung function, as well as patients with chronic obstructive pulmonary ...


GYM: Resistance Band Bicep Series

By Staff

Resistance Band Bicep Series Start by standing with both feet on a resistance band, feet together, neutral spine, palms up and thumbs out. Bring one hand up. Simultaneously extend your bent arm as you curl your extended arm for a total of 20 repetitions. Switch to a palms down position. Bring one hand up. Simultaneously extend your bent arm as you curl your extended arm for a total of 20 repetitions in this palms down position. Switch back to palms up position and bend one arm to 90 ...

Real or fake, back away from sugar this holiday season

By April Schulte-Barclay

‘Tis the season for sweet treats to emerge from almost everywhere. Often, we are so caught up in the compulsion of tasting such sweet decadence that we may not consider what could be lurking in our treats. Most of us are aware that sugar is not good for our teeth or our general health. However, few folks truly understand why sugar is not good for us. Furthermore, the masterful deception provided by the food industry has left the public a confused mess when it comes to sugar ...


SPONSORED CONTENT: 3-D imaging adds accuracy and comfort to dental work

By Sponsored Content

SPONSORED CONTENT: Story and photo by Penny Stine Major dental work can be like doing a remodel on an existing building. Think of the surrounding bones under the teeth and in the jawbone as the original structure that will remain, and the nerves as the necessary utility lines that must be respected and kept intact. When doing a major remodel, most homeowners don’t want to rely on the original blueprint that may have been used to build the house decades ago, nor do they want to ...

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