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Health and Wellness briefs: July 18, 2017

By Staff

West Springs Hospital names medical director Mind Springs Health and West Springs Hospital have named Dr. Francis E. “Frank”  Lotrich, M.D., Ph.D., as medical director for West Springs Hospital. Lotrich (pronounced law-trick) is an award-winning provider and scholar whose work is featured in more than 70 publications and has the expertise and experience essential to the smooth operation of the hospital, officials said in announcing his addition. He comes to West ...

Body tune-up more complicated than trip to auto mechanic

By April Schulte-Barclay

There is a common analogy that managing our health is like maintaining a car. Both our bodies and cars require regular maintenance. However, the similarities end there. If a car part is broken, the mechanic fixes the part or replaces it. This works well for fixing cars, but it does not work well for the healing of human beings.  Unfortunately, our current health care model emulates the standard of care for car maintenance rather than considering that human beings are dynamic ...


GYM: Kneeling 1/2 Get Up

By Staff

Kneeling 1/2 Get Up Start in a kneeling position with a dumbbell in each hand. On your side with your leg forward with your foot on the ground, the dumbbell is held overhead with your eyes focused on this dumbbell. On your side with the leg back with your knee on the ground, the dumbbell is held by your side. Keeping your eyes focused on the top weight, drop to the side and touch the ground with the lower dumbbell and then bring the lower dumbbell up to the top position so that it is ...


Far out yoga: Grand Valley yoga instructors taking classes to unusual places

By Kelly Slivka

We’ve all accepted it by now: Yoga is a thing. Studios can be found in strip malls and classes are listed in fitness centers across the Grand Valley. Even if we’ve never taken a class, we’re vaguely familiar with the terminology — downward dog, vinyasa, child’s pose, warrior one and warrior two. There’s hot yoga. Yoga flow. Power yoga, prenatal yoga and kids’ yoga. If all of this is old hat, then read on, because some local yoga instructors are ...


Boom times for Bloomin’ Babies

By Special to the Sentinel

Story by Sharon Sullivan/Special to the Sentinel The staff at Bloomin’ Babies Birth Center has delivered 115 babies since certified nurse-midwife Patty Kandiko and her husband, Dick, began offering expectant mothers an alternative location to give birth nearly four years ago. The Grand Junction-based facility continues to grow, gaining access to St. Mary’s Hospital at the end of last year and adding a third certified nurse-midwife last month. Women who give birth at ...

St Mary’s ICU & CVICU merited Beacon Award for excellence

By Sponsored Content

By Nancy Lofholm/For St. Mary’s Medical Center In a small conference room on the units where the sickest of patients are cared for at St. Mary’s Hospital, dozens of slips of paper fringe a wall board. These handwritten notes seem almost out of place in a unit where so much attention is focused on the high-tech array of life-saving equipment. But these notes impact many facets of care – for patients, as well as families and staff — in St. Mary’s Intensive ...


GYM: External Shoulder Rotation 
with Resistance Tubing

By Staff

External Shoulder Rotation 
with Resistance Tubing Stand in an upright position with arms by your sides with your side facing the anchor point of a resistance band. Place a rolled up towel between your arm and your body as shown. Grasp the handle of the resistance band with the hand farthest from the anchor point as shown. Keeping the shoulders level bring the band from across your body as if opening a door. Slowly return to the starting position. Emphasis on slowly. It is ...

Health and wellness briefs: July 4, 2017

By Staff

CrossFit will sponsor Hero Workout for Hall CrossFit Singletrack in Fruita will sponsor a Hero Workout on Saturday in honor of Colorado Hero Capt. Ryan Hall.  U.S. Air Force Capt. Ryan P. Hall of Colorado Springs died Feb. 18, 2012, near Camp Lemonnier, Djibouti, Africa, when his single-engine U-28 aircraft crashed, a news release said. The 30-year-old Capt. Hall was among four servicemen killed in the accident. He was assigned to the 319th Special Operations Squadron, Hurlburt ...

Health and wellness briefs, June 27, 2017

By Staff

Ariel Clinical recognized for its workplace health Ariel Clinical Services has been recognized as a Health Links Certified Healthy Business Partner, due to their holistic approach to creating a culture of health and safety in the workplace, according to the organization. Health Links, a nonprofit initiative at the University of Colorado School of Public Health, recognizes businesses around the state for their excellence in workplace health and safety. Health Links assesses businesses via ...

More than luxury, massage vital component of good health

By April Schulte-Barclay

Massage therapy, also referred to as bodywork, serves a very important role in maintaining health. To help explain that massage is more than a luxury spa treatment, I decided to give you a personal account of how I have incorporated massage to help me live my life as fully as possible. Improving musculoskeletal alignment For my wedding, I wanted to look perfect in my dress and feel like a princess walking down the aisle. Upon watching my wedding video, I was a bit surprised to see ...


GYM: Core Rotational Stability Series

By Staff

Core Rotational Stability Series The following three exercises require rotational stability in the core which is crucial to movement performance and injury avoidance. ■ High Plank Alternate Shoulder Tap. ■ Side Plank Row. ■ Side Plank Tuck to “T.” Perform each exercise in the order listed in a controlled manner making sure you are breathing normally so the diaphragm is not supporting the spine. Do three rounds of 12 of each exercise per side. For round ...

No shots or drills at the dentist office? Yes, please

By Sponsored Content

SPONSORED CONTENT: A reader information feature brought to you by JP Dental and The Daily Sentinel Story by Penny Stine/Sentinel Special Sections What’s the worst part about going to the dentist? Is it the shots that numb half your jaw so you won’t feel the drill? Maybe it’s the time wasted in the dentist chair waiting for the anesthesia to kick in so you can get on with the dental procedure. Perhaps it’s the drill itself, with that noise that haunts a person in ...

Health and Wellness briefs: June 20, 2017

By Staff

Primary Care announces new dietitian nutritionist Heather Burchall, MS, RDN, is Primary Care Partners’ new registered dietitian nutritionist. She graduated with a bachelor’s degree in dietetics from Western Illinois University and has a master’s degree in nutrition and wellness from Benedictine University. She counsels patients on nutrition-related conditions and has a special interest in chronic disease prevention. She is pursuing certification as a diabetes ...

Your tongue can tell you about your digestive health

By April Schulte-Barclay

Imagine a health-care system, in which health-care professionals are paid when their patients are well instead of being paid when their patients are sick. How might our health and health-care expenses be different? We are a society focused on sick care. Nearly all health-care providers get paid when they provide care for sick people. Furthermore, pharmaceutical companies hit the jackpot by selling medications to sick people. At times those medications are quite necessary, but there ...

Health and Wellness briefs: June 13, 2017

By Staff

Community Hospital unveils bricks and pavers The Community Hospital Foundation this week hosted an unveiling of donor bricks and pavers, to honor those who helped support the new hospital and celebrate the continued growth and success of the new facility. The Brick and Paver Program is a fundraising campaign to help support Community Hospital and the community members it serves in the Grand Valley and surrounding areas. Each of the bricks and pavers will have a prominent placement in ...


GYM: Balance to Single-Leg Deadlift

By Staff

Balance to Single-Leg Deadlift Start in a standing position with your legs together. Raise your left leg to a balance maintaining a neutral spine and an upright posture. As you lean forward, extend your left leg back and simultaneously reach toward the floor with your left hand. Your hips should be parallel to the floor. As your hand touches the floor, or close to it, the left leg should be fully extended with no hinge at your hip on the left side. Reaching toward the floor with your ...

Protection for births through 24/7 obstetrics partnership

By Sponsored Content

SPONSORED CONTENT: Nancy Lofholm For St. Mary’s Medical Center Nature does an amazing job of ensuring most births take place as planned. Dr. Michael White knows this better than most. But, as an OB hospitalist who has assisted at thousands of births, he also knows that things can go wrong quickly, and unexpectedly. Every minute can count. That is why White and his medical group of five OB hospitalists have contracted with St. Mary’s Hospital to have an OB/GYN in St. ...


GYM: Step, Lunge Twist, Balance

By Staff

Step, Lunge Twist, Balance Start in a standing position. Step with one leg into a lunge maintaining an upright posture and a neutral spine. As you step, simultaneously twist and reach toward the forward leg while watching your hand as you twist. The body should move as though you are turning inside of a vertical tube. The reaching, turning and lowering into the lunge should happen in a fluid movement. As you come out of the lunge and your body returns to a forward facing position, ...


GYM: Push Up to T

By Staff

Push Up to ‘T’ Start in a high plank position with a neutral spine. Keeping your elbows close to the body, lower yourself into a push up maintaining a neutral spine until your elbows are at approximately 90 degrees. Your abdominal muscles and glutes should be engaged and there should be no change in the curvature of your spine. You should be breathing so your external core muscles are anchoring your spine. Return to the starting position and rotate into a “T” ...

Healthy nervous system can equal good metabolism

By April Schulte-Barclay

What I am about to say, I am saying with compassion and a deep sense of being hopeful that we can change.  We are a country with many, many overweight and sick people. The hopefulness part is coming, but before we get to it, I will present the downright depressing and scary information first.  What do obesity, high blood sugar and high blood pressure have in common? They all contribute to slowing down metabolism, which is the body’s ability to function properly on a ...

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