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More to PTSD than a mental condition

By April Schulte-Barclay

Beep! Beep! Beep! BEEP! The nurses were quite used to the incessant beeping. But we weren’t used to it. With my heart racing, I jetted over to the IV machine to silence it. I knew sudden sounds would, at the least, startle my dad, if not leave his nervous system rattled and scared, wondering what may be coming next. Worried about the next time the alarm may sound, I decided to sit next to the machine with my hand on the silence button as Dad lay there fighting the biggest fight ...


GYM: Side Plank Tuck to ‘T’

By Staff

Side Plank Tuck to ‘T’ Start in the side plank position with a dumbbell in your top hand, extended overhead. You should be looking at the dumbbell. As you bring the dumbbell down and tuck it under the side of your body, look over your support arm shoulder. Your hips should remain perpendicular to the floor. Any rotation should take place in the thoracic (upper) spine. It is best to start light to be sure your shoulders are stable. Start with one round of 10 and eventually ...

GYM: Side Plank Lateral Raise

By Staff

Side Plank Lateral Raise Start in a side plank position with a neutral spine. Your shoulders and hips should be perpendicular to the floor. From this position raise your top leg while maintaining the plank position and without dropping your hips toward the floor, and then return your top leg to the starting position. This exercise is great for lateral stability and challenges both lateral and rotational stability of the core, both important in balance activities. If you find the ...

How to treat chronic pain without the pills

By April Schulte-Barclay

When it comes to the nagging pain you may be experiencing on a day-to-day basis, you may find more than meets the eye. With dependence on pain medications, which have undesirable side effects and often lead to addiction, it is worthwhile to consider options for treating chronic pain. It is commonly understood that peripheral nerves send signals to the brain (via the spinal cord) and that the brain then makes decisions regarding the course of action to take to protect the body. ...

Health and Wellness briefs: Oct. 23, 2016

By Staff

Primary Care Partners log most steps in challenge Crossroads Fitness sponsored a challenge during the week of Oct. 10-16, in which participants pledged to walk 70,000 steps in seven days. This is the second year of this event. The goal of Crossroads Fitness was to inspire and motivate everyone in the Grand Valley to step up their health and fitness. The goal was to collectively, as one community, log 25 million steps. Organizers reported this week that with nearly 600 participants, ...


GYM: Side Plank with a Dip

By Staff

Side Plank with a Dip Start in a neutral spine, side plank position. This should look as though someone took you from a standing position and laid you on your side with your elbow directly beneath your shoulder. Your head should be in a line with your spine, your hips should be forward and extended and your feet should be stacked. From this position, lower your hip toward the floor slowly and in control. Return to the starting position. During the movement phase neither leg should ...

Health and Wellness briefs: Oct. 18, 2016

By Staff

Story starts here HopeWest and the Grand Junction Veterans Healthcare System are hosting a free screening and discussion of the PBS program “Being Mortal.” All community members, caregivers, nurses and physicians are welcome to attend. You will be part of a national dialog taking place in our community that asks, “Have you and your family had the tough conversations and planned ahead?” “Being Mortal” delves into the hopes of patients and families ...

Achieve good health the right way - and right now

By April Schulte-Barclay

My first love was ballet. Ballet has shaped many aspects of who I am, especially as a doctor. Through my dance training, I learned what it means to work hard to achieve my dreams and live my passion. I also learned that working hard is required to get where I want to be, but does not guarantee I will get there. Also, I have the choice to make things easier on myself or harder on myself. Those same principles apply to achieving mental, emotional and physical health. Perhaps one of the most ...


Doctors taking a new approach to dying

By Erin McIntyre

Dr. Thomas Motz has found himself saying a particular phrase more in the last four months than he has in the past 26 years of being a family practice physician. The words are: “I can’t fix you.” It’s not something he learned in medical school, to communicate in four words that a patient has little or no options left to extend his or her life. But it’s an important conversation, and it’s one more local doctors will likely be having as a result of ...

Health and Wellness briefs: Oct. 11, 2016

By Staff

White Cane Safety Day on Saturday Every Oct. 15, the National Federation of the Blind celebrates National White Cane Safety Day. To make our people more fully aware of the meaning of the white cane and of the need for motorists to exercise special care for the blind persons who carry it, Congress, by a joint resolution approved in 1964 authorized the president to proclaim Oct. 15 of each year as White Cane Safety Day. The local organization’s chapter will be doing a white cane ...

Tattoo artists replace what cancer has stolen

By Charles Ashby

Having a mastectomy or other surgery to treat breast cancer can be a demoralizing experience for women, but one Boulder man has come up with a way to help them empower themselves. Noel Franus first got the idea when his sister-in-law, Molly, told the family that after the double mastectomy she was about to have, she was going to do something more than just have her nipples tattooed onto her breasts. “She was surprised to discover that she wouldn’t be getting her nipples back ...


GYM: Neutral Spine Push-up Progression

By Staff

Neutral Spine Push-up Progression The following modification on the push up focuses on a neutral spine and engaged core, when done properly, and increases the stability of the muscles supporting the spine. Start in a high plank position. Slowly lower yourself to the floor with your knees and hips being the last to touch the floor. Bend at your knees, anchor your core without holding your breath and push up maintaining a neutral spine. Drop your toes back to the floor and rise into the ...


Born of empathy, group comes to aid of bedridden moms-to-be

By Richie Ann Ashcraft

After 25 days of mandatory medical bed rest inside the Labor and Delivery department at St. Mary’s Hospital, Shiela Gray welcomed a visit from Joseff and Marlena Diedrich, founders of the Acts of Grace Foundation. Acts of Grace is a nonprofit organization dedicated to providing simple acts of kindness and support to pregnant women on hospital bed rest. They bring flowers and small gifts, but mostly provide once-a-week companionship to expectant mothers.  Gray, 34, of Grand ...


GYM: Plank

By Staff

Plank The plank is a commonly performed exercise with numerous variations. Many of these variations do activate the core in the most effective manner and actually activate muscles in a way that is not the most beneficial for maintenance of a healthy core. The following method of performing the plank will increase core stability and avoid less-effective methods. Start in a prone position with your elbows directly under your shoulders. Your arms should be parallel, and your palms flat ...


GYM: Modified progressive push-up

By Staff

Modified progressive push-up Start in a prone position with your hands close to your shoulders so that your hands are just underneath the shoulders. Bend your knees to 90 degrees. Focus on maintaining a neutral spine by engaging your external core muscles as opposed to holding your breath. With your core engaged and no movement in your spine, press up into a hand and knee support. In this position straighten the legs and lift your knees off the floor so you are in a high plank ...


There’s something in the air

By Richie Ann Ashcraft

Those people coughing and sneezing this time of year may wonder if trees or grass are to blame, but it’s peak season for weed pollen, most likely the cause of their symptoms. Doctors say that knowing what irritants people are being exposed to is crucial information needed to treat those who suffer from seasonal allergies. “Trying to help people without that data is really just like flying blind,” explained Dr. David Scott, of the Allergy and Asthma Center of Western ...

Health and Wellness briefs: Sept. 20, 2016

By Staff

Natural Grocers offers lectures on healthy eating Natural Grocers, 2464 U.S. Highway 6&50 offers free lecture opportunities this week. Lectures are open to the public and always free, and there is seating for 19 people. ■  Friday, Sept. 23 — Toxins in Your Food, Sponsored by Wellness For a Lifetime. Learn what legal food additives are known toxins (some carcinogens) and what to eat instead for more optimum health. ■  Sept. 24 — Fall in Love ...


GYM: Neutral Spine With Leg Extension

By Staff

Neutral Spine With Leg Extension In order to complete this exercise, you will need to be able to maintain a neutral spine in a supine position with one hand under the small of your back (lumbar curve) and without the pressure on the hand changing as you move from legs extended to knees bent with feet flat. Your abdominal muscles are engaged as you raise your knees so you have a 90 degree angle at both your hips and knees. At no point in this process should there be any change in the ...


Healer, heal thyself

By Charles Ashby

ealth care workers can’t continue to be good caregivers if they don’t learn how to care for themselves, author and motivational speaker LeAnn Thieman is telling the staff at Community Hospital. As part of a yearlong program, Thieman is helping medical staff and other caregivers at the hospital learn techniques designed to improve their own health and mental state of mind as a way of helping them help others. “As I travel this country talking to health care givers, ...

Calm anxiety by changing your body’s landscape

By April Schulte-Barclay

Anxiety is prevalent in today’s high-paced, high-stress environment. People who have anxiety may experience heart palpitations, incessant worrying and general restlessness and agitation. The anxiety may come from a known root cause such as an impending job loss or having a sick loved one. However, commonly anxiety may also feel “unrooted” in that the cause is unknown. For anxiety of both kinds, patients are commonly prescribed anti-anxiety medication, which can ...

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