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Health and Wellness briefs: Jan. 10, 2017

By Staff

Medical affairs official joins team at HopeWest HopeWest announced the addition of Dr. Ellissa Tiller, MD, FAAHPM, CPE, as vice president of medical affairs. She’ll be charged with spearheading innovation within each program, enhancing patient care, and increasing hospice and palliative education in the community. Most recently, Tiller established the Sentara RMH Palliative Care Program in Harrisonburg, Virginia, and served as medical director for both hospice and palliative ...


GYM: Stabilizer workout

By Staff

STABILIZER Combine the following three exercises in a series: Do 12 per side of the Side Plank with a Dip.
Do 10 per side of the Side Plank Lateral Raise. Do 8 per side of the Side Plank Tuck to “T.” Do 8 per side of the Step, Lunge, Press With Drop Back. Then repeat the entire series. This series addresses both lateral and rotational stability, flexibility, upper body, lower body and core.   Side Plank with a Dip Start in a neutral spine, side plank ...

Yin deficiency partly to blame for many chronic diseases

By April Schulte-Barclay

When was the last time you heard yourself or someone else say, “Hey, great job for sleeping in, laying low, eating regular meals and going to bed when the sun went down today.” In today’s ramped up, fast-paced world, we tend to value productivity and resist rest and rejuvenation. We praise ourselves and others when projects are complete, business is thriving, the house and yard are clean, the kids are stimulated by activities, the Christmas cards are written, the car was ...


GYM: High Plank Dumbbell Pull Over

By Staff

High Plank Dumbbell Pull Over Start in a high plank position with a dumbbell set outside of one hand. Reach across with your opposite hand, grasp the dumbbell and pull it to the opposite side. Set the dumbbell on the floor and place your hand inside the dumbbell. Repeat on the opposite side. Continue this sequence for a total of 12 repetitions. Rest and repeat. Be sure to maintain a neutral spine. There should be no hinging at your hips or twisting. Your core should be engaged ...

Health and Wellness briefs: Dec. 27, 2016

By Staff

Woodson triple certified Community Hospital physician, Brent Woodson, DO with Advanced Pulmonary and Critical Care of the Grand Valley, earned his third board certification in November. Dr. Woodson is now triple board-certified in internal medicine, pulmonology and critical care/intensivist. He specializes in advanced pulmonary and critical care medicine. He provides consultations for individuals with diminished lung function, as well as patients with chronic obstructive pulmonary ...


GYM: Resistance Band Bicep Series

By Staff

Resistance Band Bicep Series Start by standing with both feet on a resistance band, feet together, neutral spine, palms up and thumbs out. Bring one hand up. Simultaneously extend your bent arm as you curl your extended arm for a total of 20 repetitions. Switch to a palms down position. Bring one hand up. Simultaneously extend your bent arm as you curl your extended arm for a total of 20 repetitions in this palms down position. Switch back to palms up position and bend one arm to 90 ...

Real or fake, back away from sugar this holiday season

By April Schulte-Barclay

‘Tis the season for sweet treats to emerge from almost everywhere. Often, we are so caught up in the compulsion of tasting such sweet decadence that we may not consider what could be lurking in our treats. Most of us are aware that sugar is not good for our teeth or our general health. However, few folks truly understand why sugar is not good for us. Furthermore, the masterful deception provided by the food industry has left the public a confused mess when it comes to sugar ...


SPONSORED CONTENT: 3-D imaging adds accuracy and comfort to dental work

By Sponsored Content

SPONSORED CONTENT: Story and photo by Penny Stine Major dental work can be like doing a remodel on an existing building. Think of the surrounding bones under the teeth and in the jawbone as the original structure that will remain, and the nerves as the necessary utility lines that must be respected and kept intact. When doing a major remodel, most homeowners don’t want to rely on the original blueprint that may have been used to build the house decades ago, nor do they want to ...

Give your well-being a gift this holiday season

By April Schulte-Barclay

You have a choice this holiday season. You can choose to allow the hustle and bustle, commercialism, stress, and sometimes profound grief in wishing for what once was to swallow you whole. Or you can choose to sit back, take a deep breath, enjoy the sounds and sights of the season and relish what the holidays mean to you. Sounds simple, right? Actually, it may be just that simple to choose the latter, especially if you use some helpful self-awareness and grounding techniques. Mental ...


SPONSORED CONTENT: Brain tumor treatment hits the target

By Sponsored Content

Sponsored content: Nancy Lofholm/St. Mary’s Hospital Not that long ago, the treatment for certain brain tumors required screwing a metal frame onto a patient’s skull. It was painful. It was unwieldy for both the patient and for medical providers. But it was the only way to keep a head immobile so tumor-killing radiation could be accurately delivered to a mass. That metal frame now gathers dust in a closet in St. Mary’s Regional Cancer Center. It has been replaced by ...

Health and Wellness briefs: Dec. 6, 2016

By Staff

Cancer fundraiser planned Pamela Giese’s Cancer Kick Fundraising group plans a number of events, including a benefit concert from 9 to 11 p.m. Thursday with the band Zolopht at Rockslide Brewery and Restaurant, 401 Main St. A silent auction also will be featured. Call 640-8023 for information. Giese is a nurse who has a rare form of cancer called clear cell carcinoma. She has had surgery as well as radiation and chemotherapy, yet the cancer has spread to her lungs and brain, ...


GYM: Resistance Band Lateral Step

By Staff

Resistance Band Lateral Step Stand on a resistance band with your feet together. As you pull on the band, rotate to a palm-up, thumb-out position. This opens up the shoulders and moves the engagement to the back. Maintaining a neutral spine, step to one side. The tendency is to lean the body away from the side you are stepping toward. Use a mirror, look at your reflection in a window or stand in front of a light so you can see if you are leaning. The goal is to keep your body in an ...


GYM: Gliding Back Lunge

By Staff

Gliding Back Lunge Stand with one foot on a Gliding Disc, paper plate or something that will stay under the foot and slide with a neutral spine. Open your shoulder and point your thumbs out to move the engagement into the back rather than the front. While maintaining an upright posture, drop back into your sliding leg then return to the starting point. As you progress you will be able to go deeper, feeling a stretch in the hip flexors of your back leg and the hamstring and glutes of ...

Being grateful can be good for your overall health

By April Schulte-Barclay

Gobble. Gobble. Gobble. Be grateful. Be grateful. Be grateful. In the past decade or so I have seen the movement of having gratitude grow to become almost preachy. When it comes to finding a grateful heart, I have experienced both sides of the coin. On one side, I have experienced a deep residing struggle to find an internal place of gratitude and feeling — as in, if one more person suggests finding a state of gratitude, I may just have a temper tantrum. On the other side, I ...

Health and Wellness briefs: Nov. 22, 2016

By Staff

Community Hospital adds 2 family medicine doctors Community Hospital officials said they have reached an agreement with two long-standing Grand Junction family medicine physicians, Stacia Baker, MD, and William Donald Hoisington, MD, of Peach Valley Family Medical Center. Both will join Community Hospital on Jan. 1. “Many Community Hospital primary care patients live on the east end of the valley and our Community Health Partnership (CHP) members including Mesa County, School ...


Corralling children’s grief

By Erin McIntyre

Sometimes, it takes a different environment than a counselor’s ear and a box of tissues to make progress in processing grief. For the most vulnerable people hurting from losing a loved one, having a sentient beast to help them negotiate the path to healing can make all the difference. Last year, HopeWest’s equine therapy program helped 41 children who experienced a loss. This relatively new type of therapy that has gained popularity in the past decade involves using horses ...


GYM: Side Plank Row

By Staff

Side Plank Row Start in a side plank position with a resistance band anchored securely in front of you at the level of your shoulder. With your arm extended, there should be a slight tension on the band. While maintaining a neutral spine pull the band (row) until your wrist is just in front of your hip. Your wrist should remain extended with all movement taking place from your shoulder and elbow. Return to the extended position without letting your shoulder come forward. When ...

Sponsored Content: DBS Implant offers hope for a more normal life

By Sponsored Content

THIS IS SPONSORED CONTENT FOR ST. MARY’S MEDICAL CENTER/BY NANCY LOFHOLM When Jamie Stehman wakes up each morning, he reaches for his remote control and fires up the electricity to his brain. The 5.5 volts that pulse from a battery pack in his chest, through a wire under the skin of his neck and head, and to tiny electrodes in his frontal lobe, allow the 32-year-old outdoor gear salesman to live normally. Before a neurosurgeon and a neurologist at St. Mary’s Hospital treated ...

Sponsored Content: Accuracy and experience in verified mammography excellence

By Sponsored Content

THIS IS SPONSORED CONTENT FOR ST. MARY’S HOSPITAL/BY NANCY LOFHOLM There is the shuffling close and closer to the x-ray machine, followed by the positioning, the squeezing between two plastic plates, and the breath-holding while an image is captured. Then there is the brief magazine-flipping wait while the technologist is out of the room. She returns to deliver the news that more images are needed or, in most cases, the patient is good to go. What is out of sight in this screening ...

Sponsored Content: Local treatment, local options from epilepsy unit

By Sponsored Content

THIS ARTICLE IS SPONSORED CONTENT FOR ST. MARY’S HOSPITAL/ BY NANCYLOFHOLM When Zachary Scott became the first patient in the new Epilepsy Monitoring Unit at St. Mary’s Hospital late this summer, he had been suffering seizures for most of the 22 years of his life. Scott had consulted numerous physicians in Delta and Montrose where he lived. He had undergone an open-brain study in Denver and suffered a stroke during the procedure. But he and his family still had no answers ...

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