• charle_thibodeau
    If done right, crate training for pets is far from cruel

    Visiting a friend the other day, I couldn’t help but notice her outside feline friend curled up inside of a pet carrier situated on the back porch. The sun rays reflecting off the concrete emitted a bright glare as the small patio radiated the afternoon heat. … more

  • Winter teaches harsh lesson about beekeeping

    I lost my beehive this winter. As a novice beekeeper with only one season under my belt, the tragedy was painful. I was saddened by my lack of knowledge to better protect them while realizing how fragile this specialized insect really is. Losing the honeybee colony was a … more

  • How a visitor became a new family member

    What do you do when a young cat shows up at your doorstep on a cold winter night? Arriving home after dark the other evening, I heard a curious series of ‘meows’ penetrating the chilly air. The small creature bellowing his introduction cautiously peered around … more

  • With some patience, you can teach an old dog new tricks

    For those of you who rescue a pet from a shelter, I commend you. Acquiring an animal who has been reared by others, only to be abandoned when they are no longer wanted, takes a strong individual. Even if a young pet is adopted, they have already acquired a personality from … more

  • Some dogs need some quality leash time

    Taking advantage of a warm January day, my daughter and I picked up my granddogs and daughter-in-law for an afternoon outing. The three dogs rushed out the door to greet us, intuitively aware of a pending adventure. Due to the short days and the kids’ work schedules, … more

  • Easy-to-grow catnip for felines

    Taking some time to deleaf the long catnip stems that had been drying for the past few weeks, I knew it would not be long before I was joined by my feline friends. Sure enough, within a few minutes, here came two of the cats. The grumpy girl and the young cat absolutely go … more

  • Consistency the key to training a puppy

    The euphoria that overrides all practical senses when interacting with a puppy can easily be attributed to the laws of attraction. The encounter with a young pup yields enraptured moments of joy, innocence and mindless bliss as you bend down to pick up the little ball of … more

  • Picking a name for a new pet can be a treat

    Sitting in the front yard the other evening, I caught a glimpse of my neighbor’s new puppy. As I watched the young pup in the long green grass, I noticed what looked like a bright pink bandage on its rear leg. I caught the neighbor’s attention and inquired about … more

  • Our canines are adaptable creatures

    I had the pleasure of spending time with family in Fort Collins this past weekend. What a bustling town it has become recently. The small town where I attended college many years ago has turned into a booming metropolis. Colorado State University now encompasses a large part … more

  • Raising Boer goats both challenging and rewarding

    I have a friend who calls on me when she and her husband leave town. They have a large menagerie of critters that need daily feeding and watering. I enjoy the quiet splendor of their property situated at the base of a hill on East Orchard Mesa. Their home is surrounded by … more

  • Finding an animal’s favorite scratching spot builds bonds

    As I came in the door this evening, I stopped to pet the long, orange tabby cat lying in the middle of the floor. Reaching my hand under his chin, my fingers began gently scratching his neck and head. Immediately, the motorboat began purring as he stretched out on his back … more

  • Reward is great for overcoming puppy challenges

    I was scanning a social media site recently when a picture of a beautiful young Belgian Tervuren caught my eye. The owner of the 6-month-old pup was looking for a new home for the rambunctious dog. Apparently, the stubborn adolescent stage of puppyhood was wreaking havoc … more

  • A pro’s tips on recovering a lost pet

    For those of you who follow my column, you will recall the column published on May 29 regarding the lost dog my daughter rescued while out on a hike.  … more

  • 032016petAnnabelle
    Adopting a special-needs pet is worth the reward

    The photograph of the poodle’s bright eyes staring at the camera lens first caught my attention.  … more

  • All we have left are memories and the ‘I wish I would haves’

    It was one of those frigid cold mornings in January when temperatures hovered near 10 degrees.  … more

  • Make sure to have a strategy in place for your pets

    When my grandmother’s cousin passed away several years ago, our small surviving family made the drive to Durango to attend her memorial service.  … more

  • How will I know when it’s time? You will know

    An email I recently received from a reader reminded me of one of the first columns I wrote for The Daily Sentinel.  … more

  • Here’s to hoping column spreads knowledge wealth

    After receiving some correspondence on the column I wrote on my mare regarding Pigeon Fever, I felt a follow up was necessary.  … more

  • Problem was Pigeon Fever

    I just returned from my equine veterinarian late Wednesday afternoon after yet another incident with my mare.  … more

  • Needs of pet, safe source key in choosing a food

    Of all of the concerns regarding our pets’ health, few areas are as important and confusing as nutrition.  … more

  • 100415_horseplay_Ava1
    Ava and Ruby, the main event in Texas

    When Ava Severs left her horse, Ruby, with her grandfather briefly last week to grab a rake, Ruby became anxious, twisting and fidgeting so she could see where her girl had gone.  … more

  • Bond between dog, owner is amazing

    I received a very nice note from Mr. and Mrs. Humphrey of Clifton regarding a column I wrote in August about Tony, a dog who was rescued from an underground irrigation ditch.  … more

  • Older animals like Earl Grey appreciate your help

    Ms. Thibodeau,  … more

  • 091315_pet_Plague_Death_Utah
    Understand the risks of diseases tularemia, plague

    Two diseases have been in the news quite a bit this summer because of a rising number of cases and the fact that, sadly, both diseases have caused fatalities for Coloradans this year.  … more

  • Although beautiful, beware of Colorado’s deadly flowers

    When my father retired from his career in Denver, he purchased the land in Peagreen that my family homesteaded when they came West in the early 1900s.  … more

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