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An animated Dungeon Master Jeremy Arfsten of Grand Junction describes the scene for the players during a game of Dungeons & Dragons in a downstairs study room at the Mesa County Public Library’s central branch on Thursday.

Leading the play

Local dungeon masters guide imaginations, keep Dungeons & Dragons alive

Feng Ovak, bless his heart, is not the brightest or luckiest half-orc, half-human to take on an infestation of dire rats.
In fact, due to a very unlucky roll — a 1, of all things, out of a possible 20 — when Ovak swung his great ax at one of the 20-pound rats near his ankles, the ax flew from his hands and embedded in a cellar wall to his left.
The dungeon master helpfully placed an orange, pyramidal die to indicate the spot where the ax protruded, so the flat-footed barbarian would know exactly how many steps he’d have to take to retrieve it. Something like 25, it seemed. And this was supposed to be an easy, lucrative extermination job! Three gold pieces per dire rat!
Barely more than an hour into the campaign, and the plot was rapidly thickening.

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