Print & Digital Media Kit - Traditional Online Options averages over 1.1 million page views a month and has an average of 120,000 unique users each month. Through Google Doubleclick we can target any area of our site, from News to Outdoors and can include GeoTargeting as well. Along with CPM pricing and options we also offer affordable Channel and Topic Sponsorships. The majority of our 728x90 and 300x250 sized ads are above the scroll, with the exception of our Home Page 728x90 and 300x250.

CPM Pricing:

  • Home Page 300x250 - $10.00/CPM
  • Home Page 728x90 - $9.00/CPM
  • Targeted Channels (News, for example) 300x250 - $9.00/CPM
  • Targeted Channels (News, for example) 728x90 - $8.00/CPM
  • ROS (Run of Site) 300x250 - $8.00/CPM
  • ROS (Run of Site) 728x90 - $7.00/CPM

  • Channel and Topic Sponsorships

    Channel Sponsorships: include a 50% share of voice in the Leaderboard (728x90) position on a channel front (Outdoors, for example) and on all article pages within that channel.

    Topic Sponsorships: include a 100% share of voice in the LRECT (300x250) position on a topic page(Food, for example). The ad owns the position on the topic list page for the duration of the contract.