Print & Digital Media Kit - Wallpaper and Rich Media

Non-traditional advertising like Wallpaper and Rich Media options often see higher click thru rates and user interaction than standard online display advertising. Our Home Page gets about 9,000 page views a day which means your wallpaper is seen 9,000 times in just one day. Most Rich Media is limited to once per user per day but just one time is often all it takes for a user to click on a corner peel or expandable ad.

Wallpaper pricing begins at $500/day. Two static images, one left oriented and one right oriented, are used with each 300x900 px. Most monitors will only show through 830px, so make sure all text is at or above that level. Those sending creatives will also need to include a click thru link and make sure to label creatives with "left" and "right" in the file names. Wallpaper click thrus and impressions are measured through Google Analytics.

Wallpaper Example

Rich Media opportunities on include corner peels and expandable ads. The CPM rate for expandable ads is ........