A common front is needed for 
single-payer insurance advocates

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Grant quotes Donna Smith, executive director of Health Care for All Colorado, as saying, “Access to health care is a human right, it’s not something that should be bought and sold as a commodity”. Another way of saying that exact same thing is: having a moral right to own the labor of another person is a “human right”.
Nothing could be farther from the truth. No individual, under any circumstances, twisted logic and/or cutesy language has a moral right to the labor of another person. Pretending otherwise is a fatal blow to the Golden Rule moral principles of self-ownership and self-determination. That’s why sustainable “freebies” (e.g. the biblical mandate to help widows and orphans) are called “charity”: both the need and the giving are determined voluntarily by the giver.
For A to use government coercion/force to steal B’s labor/money in the name of law and under the form of taxation and donate it to causes A thinks are deserving is stealing nonetheless and is self-evidently unsustainable. It is neither logical nor a well-reasoned pathway to the achievement of the full spiritual and intellectual potential of humankind. Like the metaphor of Tolkien’s One Ring of Power (over the Other), it is inherently evil and inevitably corrupting.
Leftists (collectivists), by nature and preferred strategy always deliberately pretend as if there were no such thing as the economic laws of Nature. But there are: 1) whatever you tax (productivity, honesty, integrity, ingenuity, hard work, etc) you get less of, and 2) whatever you subsidize (unemployment, sickness, poverty, single motherhood, scamming, etc) you will get more of. Similarly, 3) if demand is high and supply low, the price will be higher, and 4) if demand is low and supply high, the price will be lower.
The Left always uses rhetorical brinksmanship, ad hominem and demonization against its ideological opponents instead of facts and logic. For example, they pretend to care “for the children” more, thus attempting to seize the moral high ground. Problem is, that sort of deception and manipulation ultimately destroys the very future that all children will inherit. Truth is, logic, reason, Golden-Rule-Ten-Commandments-like morality, and the U.S. Constitution with its Bill of Rights are the only the sustainable path “for the children” and all the rest of society. The rest is willful, suicidal self-delusion on the broad path to destruction.

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