‘Bad Boy’ 
 earns cop 
pink slip

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Not Freida Cook - Am Patrick Rodgers -  Looks like a tyrant in Palisades for a Police Chief and a let me tell you what my partner did “snitch” for Reinhardt’s partner.  Guess the Chief hasn’t heard of Community Policing, because it entails Officers thinking outside the box, interacting with citizens and building a partnership with the community.  For the positive reaction from the citizens in this case, Reinhardt should have gotten a maximum of verbal counseling from the Chief, if it was a big thing for him. 

To the Palisades City Council, my recommendation is to keep Reinhardt and dump the Police Chief.  P.S. By the way, if the Council is looking for a replacement, I am a big supporter of Community Policing and am available for the Chief’s job.

So,  There will be no more coffee and DONUTS in uniform with citizens at the local bakery right?


Mr Rodgers, behavior like this while wearing the uniform of the Police Department that you work for is illegal, and grounds for termination. Community Policing does not include singing Karoake in one of the local bars while wearing your UNIFORM and BADGE!! He was on duty serving the citizens of Palisade and he should have ben acting like a professional.

Kudos for taking a stand and following protocol Chief Erickson.

And, for the record, “Not Freida Cook-Am Patrick Rodgers”, the name of our town is Palisade, not Palisades… thats a town in California, but I am sure you are aware of that already.

Not Freida Cook - Patrick Rodgers - Thank you Dana for the spelling lesson, I stand corrected on “Palisade.”  You are however, wrong about Community Policing.  While I personally might not have chosen Karoake as my first choice of public contact, in Officer Reinhardt’s case he did and the people loved it.  Do you know why?  Because it eliminated the broad brush perception by many that all Cops are cold blooded ass kickers who could care less about the people they work for.  It showed Reinhardt’s human side, just like everyone else present.  Frankly in these days of distrust of government, that two or three minute performance was worth a million bucks in PR.  I saw nothing on that video that was unprofessional.  You state it was illegal, could you please share with us the law which was violated? 

Still, even if the Chief didn’t like what Reinhardt did, it was such a minor thing, a verbal warning would have been more than sufficient discipline.  That is how a leader would have handled the situation.  Sorry, but in both public and private organizatons today there is employee discipline (mostly positive types) and then there is excessive discipline by small minded managers who fail to grasp what motivates and doesn’t motivate people. That is what happened in this incident.  Hopefully, there will be enough of a public outcry that the Town Council will reinstate Officer Reinhardt to his job.  He sounds like the kind of a guy I would want protecting my community if I were in fact a Palisade resident.

Who did it embarrass?  Who was in danger? Rodgers is exactly right!  Typical over-reaction by a supervisor with no sense of humor and/or a sense of reading the situation period…... he wasn’t there.  A few years back the Fruita PD dressed up like Hogs at the Fruita Festival, heaven forbid, wearing their badges and police hats in the parade!

I think they are all still working and enforcing the law but…......Fruita is a lot closer to California than Palisade thank God.

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