Congressional challenger Tapia touts cross-party cooperation

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I recall a UDALL ad touting that same crap. Working across the aisle. I do NOT believe it. That same UDALL that voted to give our GUN RIGHTS to the WORTHLESS UNITED NATIONS. That same UDALL who gave us barryhusseincare.

The UN Small Arms Treaty did not give away individual American gun rights from all the (credible) sources, reporting and information I have seen.  What the hell is ‘barryhusseincare’ and does anyone think that is a message that has any political effect outside of some rabid bubble of extremists?

Peter, there is no use trying to reason with people like Jerry Sanders. He is a delusional racist with head firmly entrenched in the faux news bubble.

Kudos to Gary Harmon (“Congressional challenger Tapia touts cross-party cooperation”) for aptly chronicling Abel Tapia’s ample qualifications to “abely” and honestly represent the interests of the 3rd C.D. in Congress.

In contrast to the incumbent – “Tea Party” lemming Scott Tipton (who inherited the family business and was thus “born with a silver trinket in his mouth”) – Tapia is a civil engineer and a self-made successful businessman with uniquely varied experience as a true public servant (not an ideological “lap dog” like Tipton).

While Tipton typifies why “Congress has been stymied by partisan issues” – threatening to jeopardize the “full faith and credit” of the U.S., voting to “shut down” the federal government, voting 50+ time to repeal/defund the Affordable Care Act, voting to deport
700,000 “Dreamers” who know only the U.S. as their home, and voting to sue President Obama for delaying the “employer mandate” after Tipton himself voted to delay that mandate – Tapia offers the “fresh air” of sober policy-making and bipartisan cooperation.

Both as a company-founder and as a legislator, Tapia has actually “created jobs” – not just talked about it (like Tipton and the do-nothing “Tea Party”-controlled House).

Both Tapia and Tipton advocate an “all of the above” national energy strategy, but – unlike Tipton – Tapia opposes unnecessary subsidies to the most profitable industry in the history of the world and continuing regulatory exemptions for “fracking” from provisions of the Safe Drinking Water Act, the Clean Water Act, and the Clean Air Act.

Tapia also supports Governor Hickenlooper’s efforts to craft a workable compromise between the statutory imperative (and consequent pro-industry bias) of the Colorado Oil & Gas Conservation Commission and the fiduciary duty and inherent right of Colorado’s local governments to protect the health and safety of their publics.

Unlike nativist Tipton, Tapia supports comprehensive immigration reform that would, first, “secure our borders” and rationalize our temporary visa programs (and implement mandatory E-Verify) before instituting a “pathway to citizenship” that includes paying a meaningful fine, learning English, and going to “the end of the line”.

Tipton’s voting record proves that he doesn’t represent the interests of the 3rd C.D. – so we should send Abel Tapia in Congress.

Peter and Larry if you need an explanation you need help.
Bubble and babble you mean what you are spewing. Where did you get that I am racist? Because you are buried in the sand democrap and because I do NOT like barryhusseinsoetoro that makes me racist? KMA. If you need a definition ask a veteran. And Dixon there is nothing you said that makes a damned. Hey Kolbenschlag just what were those “credible sources.” Just some crap you made up ala Hugenburg?

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