Criminal probe of King’s actions weighed by DA

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He and Jared ought to go in business together.  ‘Always on the clock’ Investigation Service.

Not Freida Cook - Am a relative - Patrick Rodgers - Would like to see a copy of the Internal Affairs Investigation.  If I were conducting this Internal Affairs Investigation, the critical element would be establishing the employee padded his time card with hours not worked did so knowingly and had the intent to defraud the County? Yes, the hours worked, the dates involved and how many hours per day would be thoroughly examined. 

This article makes reference to King being ordered to delete hour long breaks from his time card.  Normal employment contracts based on Federal and State Law mandate an employee be given several breaks, including one for meals.  A paid meal break is generally inclusive of an employees normal work day.  Even part time employees are granted such breaks.  Failure to follow such policies would seem to be a violation of Employment Law. I would also want to know, how the other Sheriffs employees reflect break time on their time cards, both formally and informally? 

Internal Affairs Investigations are every bit as complicated as Criminal Investigations and another question in my mind is, did the Undersheriff have the knowledge, skills and experience to conduct such an investigation and do it right. 

I am also amazed that the District Attorney does not have a couple of Investigators on his staff to handle follow up work on cases being prosecuted and Officer involved shootings.  That is something he needs to correct.  Still a lot of questions in my mind on this case.  I don’t know if Steve King is guilty or not, but remember in this country one is innocent until proven guilty.

It was posted by the Sentinel in pdf form a few days ago, NotFreida.  Look back a couple of issues.

@NotFreida—King wasn’t ordered to delete them.  He was ordered to record them, which he allegedly didn’t on his first time card.  Read the articles before you post, please.

RE the DA’s office and investigators, he’s had his budget cut to the point where he can’t even afford lawyers.  Call your County Commissioners and ask them to fully fund the DA’s office.

Well blow my dress up Bubba. Shades of AG Holder, IRS, VA, etc etc etc. None of the good ol boys can or will investigate the other good ol boys because the other good ol boys are just good ol boys meanin no harm. Go get em Barney Fife, Roscoe PEEEEEEE Coltraine, Boss Hogg, Cooter, Goober and Gomer. Just look at all you self appointed elitists. As the song goes “....caught you playin with your own ding-a-ling.” Pathetic.

Not Freida Cook - Am Patrick Rodgers - have now had the opportunity to review both of the Internal Affairs Reports and found them to be thorough and complete.  The allegations were substantiated and King’s termination appears to be more than justified.  Based on these violations of integrity, ethics and common sense, in my opinion Steve King has forfeited the right to be elected Sheriff and the honorable thing to do would be withdrawing from the race. 

This leaves voters with a dilemma as to finding a qualified candidate with experience, honesty and integrity?  Wonder if the Undersheriff could pull it off as a write in candidate?

Sorry Patrick if you are seeking integrity, morality and truthfulness you will not find it here in the land of good ol boys Bubba, cooter, Barney and the rest.

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