Democrats drill down on state’s oil, gas industry

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“Protecting Public Health”? Energy prices are already so high that many people have to choose between eating, medications and gas for their car / heat for their home! All these communist / socialist regulatory idiots are doing is driving prices up and up. Food prices are already too high and higher energy costs from more regulation / less development are just going to make it worse.

Uncertainty is a hallmark of the Free Market system.  Further, the ‘uncertainty’ Mr. Scott bemoans (if such exists in any undue amount) is not manifesting in the gaspatch, hitting record years in Colorado.  Meanwhile, violations ARE occurring—a still leaking pipe of undisclosed ‘;hydrocarbons’ adjacent to a major drainage into the CO just as runoff season begins; a ‘flowback’ incident gushing 85000 k of a ‘green’ fracking fluid, etc. etc. etc.  I am sure Mr. Scott is safe in his district, I am not sure his constituents are. NatGas is not quite the cheapest it has been in a decade—it is coming up a bt—but it remains glutted on the market, so much so industry is now scrambling to figure out how to sell American energy to China.

Ashby puts out an article with semi balance, i.e. a quote from Max Taylor and an off direction rebuttal by Ray Scott. Taylor says, “We need to make sure drilling is done properly and safely.” Notice Taylor did NOT say “stop drilling”! The central issue being industry reps on the COGCC. Scott replies with that is a funny thing to say (not reported as a direct quote by Asby) with a following litany about the mission statement of the COGCC that leaves the reader with the impression Scott had pointed out an obvious conflict.
Actually, later in the paragraphs, that mission of “responsible development” of resources is referred to and supports Taylor’s implication that COGCC is not doing this. Scott, in direct quotes, does say that legislation such as this would add “uncertainty” to the O&G business. This is probably the biggest stretch from the truth, as when requirements are clearly spelled out and enforced, the business knows exactly what it must do.  Scott just parrots old industry spin that allows them to run roughshod. Scott goes on to say, “We’ve got to stop treating them like a smokestack industry.” Well, news upon news, they are a smokestack industry as evidenced by their emissions and smogging of entire basins and their ongoing seeps and spills like Parachute and Windsor, not to mention the destruction in the Gulf of Mexico or Nigerian delta.  He also mentioned they are “responsible with what they do…. doing it for a long time.” people; however, their track record shows current technology with about a 10 year history and response (responsibility) with dubious effectiveness always concerned with their own bottom line margins and hidden in secrecy settlements.
As far as the central issue of reps on the COGCC, it got lost. But think if you had to go before a panel of judges and 1/3 were working for a company you had a beef with, do you think you would get an unbiased hearing? As far as industry people on such a commission it should be “NO WAY”! They can go before the COGCC and explain their case the same as any Joe Citizen.

Be careful what you wish for! I do agree that conflicts of interest should be disclosed and avoided when possible on governmental agencies. Having said that, the person who holds the environmental position on the COGCC gets most of his money from working for industry. Do you really want to force Rich Alward off of the COGCC?

As for the mission of the COGCC, the current mission is conflicted with the commission being charged both with fostering development and protecting the environment. Speaking strictly as a person who lives in the oil patch, I’d like us to spend more time worrying about the health of both the planet and the humans living on it. It is my opinion that the COGCC mission should be solely to protect the environment and the seat hald by CDPHE on COGCC should take their responsibility to protect the human health more seriously.

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