Dirty politics, Wright fusses in fundraising letter

Jared Wright

J.J. Fletcher, candidate for House District 54 seat that is currently held by Jared Wright.

Brad Webb

Republican James Fletcher and Democrat Brad Webb want to assure state Rep. Jared Wright that they are not in cahoots.

Though the two men do have a common goal, to unseat Wright in House District 54, they laughed at the suggestion, which was made by the Fruita GOP incumbent in a recent campaign fundraising letter that Wright’s campaign sent out earlier this month.

“He didn’t come into this fight alone,” says Wright’s Nov. 15 letter to potential donors, referring to Webb. “With him he brought a ‘Republican’ to run in a primary race against me — a classic political triangulation technique.”

While “political triangulation” most often refers to a candidate who tries to present views that are between conservative and liberal, Wright said his intent with the letter was to show how they are trying to divide the electorate against him.

Wright goes on in the letter saying that Fletcher, a Palisade peach farmer and lifelong Republican, has spent all of his time attacking him, and not saying what he would do if elected to the Colorado Legislature.

“He has instead run a campaign completely, 100 percent trying to assassinate my character, attacking my family and trying to leverage the fact that I am not an insider politician against me,” Wright’s letter reads.

But Fletcher said he’s never said a single bad word about Wright’s family, though he has questioned his character, particularly since it was uncovered last year that Wright had amassed a $74,000 debt, filed for bankruptcy and was forced to leave the Fruita Police Department after an internal affairs investigation questioned his honesty and integrity.

“I don’t want to run a dirty battle. I want to stand on my principles,” Fletcher said.

“It just says a lot about his character,” added Webb, who runs a winery on Orchard Mesa. “It just says a lot about him as a person.”

Wright said Fletcher and his supporters have spent more time attacking him personally, something he said he finds “reprehensible,” rather than talking about issues facing the district, and what they would do to address them.

He said Fletcher’s intention to challenge his incumbency will have the effect of tearing down conservative values and Republican Party principles.

“That does absolutely no good for the Republican Party,” Wright said in an interview. “The people that look to us to be leaders, it’s a disservice to them.”

Fletcher and Webb, however, said that a political candidate’s character is an issue with voters.

“It just tells a lot about someone that he would be so dishonest, and Western Slope voters deserve better representation than that,” Webb said.

With the election nearly a year away, all three men are focused on raising campaign contributions in order to fight the battle each know is coming.

According to campaign finance reports with the Colorado Secretary of State’s Office, Wright has the most in his campaign coffers.

Since getting elected to the seat last year, he’s raised $12,135, only about 12 percent of which, $1,465, has come from sources inside the district, which includes Mesa County outside of Grand Junction and the western half of Delta County.

Much of the out-of-district money Wright has received has come from the Front Range, including several GOP lobbyists and Republican legislators.

Fletcher has raised a fraction of that amount, $400, $150 of which came from his own pocket.

Webb isn’t required to file his first report until January because he only recently entered the race. Still, he says he’s “somewhere in-between.”


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Wright is amusing. I’ve spent a little time with Brad Webb, and attended his campaign kick-off. He said more about Wright in this interview than I’ve ever heard him say before. Brad isn’t worried about Wright, he’s worried about the issues that impact Western Colorado—you know, agriculture, reasonable energy development, and protecting our water.

Another crazy Wright conspiracy theory.  Didn’t he go on “Coast to Coast AM” with his last one?  Wright’s problems were of his own making.  Had he paid his bills and/or told the truth to the State party chair about his bankruptcy, he probably wouldn’t have a primary challenger.

This is just another Sentinel “hit” piece, not the first against Wright, I might add.
One has to learn to take the Sentinel’s version of the “news” with a grain of salt.
I have been more impressed by Wright since he was elected than by what the Sentinel had written about him prior to his election.
Most likely, Wright’s letter wasn’t intended to become “news”, but that’s the Sentinel’s “bag”.
I have little doubt Wright’s assessment is correct. But that’s the way politics is played: down and dirty. I recall establishment Republicans peeling off and voting for the Democrat against Shari Bjorkland because she was pro-life.
My only personal experience in “politics” was eons ago as an executive board member of a statewide labor union. The young guys voted me in and onto the wage bargaining committee at contract time. We succeeded in negotiating a contract which raised members’ wages from about $3.30/hour to some $5.50 an hour over a period of three years.
Before the contract was negotiated, as I said, all the young guys turned out at the meetings and voted me into office for the express reason they saw me as one of them and believed I would be a tough negotiator for their interests. After the contract had been successfully negotiated, all the young guys stayed at home, leaving only the cigar-smoking, beer-guzzling, Cadillac-driving “good old boys” who wanted “a night out from the old lady” to attend the union meetings.
When I came up for election again, the good old boys ran seven candidates against me, making eight candidates in all. Yet, miraculously, somehow only two of us got any votes: me and the guy who beat me by one vote. I just burst out laughing. That’s how politics is played. We tend to get the government we deserve.
Nothing personal against the other candidates, but I am inclined to vote for Wright in no small part because the “good old boys” at the Sentinel are so transparently against him. It’s hard to find any credibility in an MSM entity that, fifty years after the fact of JFK’s assassination, runs a front page puff piece supporting the “lone assassin” “magic bullet” theory of JFK’s murder when the whole world saw the Zapruder film showing the back of JFK’s head being blown off by a bullet so obviously coming from in front of him.
My advice to Wright is to work his butt off and try to have faith in the voters and in the economic laws of nature. Lots of people know what’s going on. As economic conditions worsen — that’s a mathematical certainty — “good old boy” politics and cronyism as usual are going to become exponentially less effective.

Laughable at the least!  And voters like Wilkenson who blindly vote a candidate in because of party affiliation only continue to hurt all citizens.  “More impressed”, wow, without consideration to candidates who may actually begin campaigns by telling the truth?

Still trying to understand how primary choices hurt the party.  Finally, one must have some character before it can be “assassinated.

Spot on. if majority of support (money) is from over the hill Wright must be in someones pocket. I careless about the “party.” Seems that we continue to fight a war amongst ourselves. I still await Wrights “explanation” now that ALL of the investigations are completed. What the hello? Wright espouses leadership? Are you kidding me. Just another “wannabe” career politician.

I don’t care about the “party”. I care about our representation. A primary challenge is brought about when someone believes that they may better represent the people than the one who currently holds, or is seeking the office. Why is that so distasteful? Research all who wish to speak for us, the people, and choose that candidate that is line with your beliefs and shares your vision of the future for our district. After all, that person will REPRESENT you, when elected.

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