District 51 adds to ranks of teachers certified by national board

Bookcliff Middle School teacher Dori Harrison is the sole District 51 teacher to earn certification from the National Board for Professional Teaching Standards this year.

Forty-seven teachers who taught in the district when they earned certification, which lasts 10 years before renewal is needed, have active board certification at this time. Certification is a credential that complements a teaching license.

District 51 has the sixth-highest count among Colorado school districts for teachers who are National Board-certified, trailing Boulder Valley (154 board certified teachers), Denver Public Schools (131), Cherry Creek (116), Colorado Springs 11 (52), and Douglas County (50).

No new certifications were recorded this year in other Mesa County school districts or in Delta, Montrose or Garfield County-based school districts. Among those districts, only one, Ridgway, has a board certified teacher.

Harrison is one of 75 teachers who earned certification statewide this year. Colorado has the nation’s 23rd-highest count of National Board-certified teachers, with 837 teachers having active certification.

National Board-certified teachers have to submit a portfolio and take an assessment with six essays to earn the certification and are graded by certified teachers. Teachers must demonstrate knowledge in their subjects and submit evidence that they are good at teaching that subject matter and managing student progress.


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Indeed. More federal government crap. Teachers should be held accountable by their principal.

The National Board has nothing to do with the Federal government.  It’s a private nonprofit.  Of course teachers should be accountable to their principal.  But there’s nothing wrong with them knowing their stuff as well.

And so what? The principal, I am sure, is more than capable. We surely do not need more know it all having self perceived elitist status dictating from afar. I really do not care if any teacher is certified by this group. I trust the principals.

Why are you afraid of competence, Jerry?

Well Ralph you totally shot over my point. Why is it that you want someone other than the principal to certify teachers? What makes this “non profit” so spectacular? A principal is at first hand watching teachers potty train, teaching social skill, buying necessary supplies from (according to you) there exorbitant salaries, mentoring and on and on. I am sure that your non profit is more capable of making that determination. What? You just want to send every damned thing out of state. What about all of the government regulations now? No sir what you want is, in your mind, some accountability. And in your mind you think that accountability is best coming from self appointed know it all elitists. Hugenburg ring bells? How about the airport board of supervisors? Now there was a winner. How about our illustrious underpaid director of Colorado Obamacare.gov. There is another winner. In sum, sir, I am not against accountability. I am damned sure against it when it is not the immediate supervisor. OOPS we forgot all about the poor county employees who got all those “superior” ratings thereby justifying there “bonus.” Oops that was the city. We cannot trust any politician, obviously. However your need to continue slamming teachers is surely unjustified. How bout we send your certification to Washington?

No sir Ralph. You obviously did not read my post. Did I not say “teachers should be held accountable by their principal?” It was only one sentence. Why do you think that the “national board for professional teaching standards” are the be all and end all? Their location? Their name? Our airport authority has done well? So has our public employee bonus’? No. What I think is you need to find out what the daily life of a teacher consists of. Then maybe your attitude would change. According to you, exactly, what percentage of teachers are NOT meeting the goals of teaching? Merry Christmas

Jerry, I think it’s bizarre that you object to someone going above and beyond the minimum requirements of their job.  It takes a lot of work to get that certification.

Ralph you know what you are just like another individual on here. You never answer my question(s), change the subject and on and on. What is bizarre is YOU! A law degree from Harvard does NOT insure any ability. My evidence is barry hussein soetoro. Certification from (you can bet someone profits) some self appointed elitists also assures nothing. I suppose IF your contention is that this “certification” is voluntary then fine. On the other hand if you think it should be MANDATORY then lets just have PhD’s teach kindergarten thru 12th. After all in this economy I am SURE they will be willing to work for teachers wages. Now how about answering some of my questions. You see the elitists live in a totally different world yet they want to run everyone’s life. My evidence-Ann Tisue.

Jerry, you don’t know me so you don’t know what or who I’m like.

To your credit, though, you are an eloquent and persuasive spokesman for mediocrity.

Merry Christmas. I do know that you are the typical democrap spewer. Evidenced right here. Flip. Flop. Continually change the subject and never answer a question. Nor do you know me. Not everyone in this world needs recognition for the great job they are doing. Nor seek it out. I submit that. by fr and away, there are the tremendous majority of teachers who do an outstanding job and do NOT need a non=profit to bless that. Just exactly whom did this NATIONAL Standards board answer up to for their certification?

Since you do not know me you know little about me. Through this entire conversation you’ve yet to answer just why a principal perform the task of certification? Why is that Ralph? Are you afraid? Are our principals as BAD as our teachers? Are the principals inept?

I may be mediocre in your eyes. Quite frankly I do not give a damned. You, sir, most assuredly are bucking for some sort of political appointment probably as a democrap. And you sir want more damned whomever telling us what is best for us. Bigger government. The principals in all of our schools are indeed, I am sure, capable of performing w/o your “non-profit” certification. A certification making them perfect just like you.

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